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Community evolution, trust levels and Moderator powers

Thanx for your support.
I think they were unhappy about my tone, that was too much “darwinex-uncut”.
I am not for fake kindness and I think that respect has to be deserved, it is not for everyone.
BTW there are no Leaders anymore.
Other Leaders were @KlondikeFX , @VolcanoFX and @JJENSLOPFAM .


What did other three do to get degraded?


Nothing but the short explaination by @ignacio has been that there were complaints and so they reshaped the community without Leaders to avoid future problems.
I still have to talk in a live chat with @ignacio monday evening.
I think to have never abused of my powers during 3 years, never used my moderator powers to silence people that was disagreenig with me neither to protect my darwins from negative comments.


That is a step in the wrong direction for this forum if I ever saw one. You are the main reason that this forum is kind of alive and some serious discussion is taking place about investors’ strategy. I just hope Darwinex starts paying more attention to this forum :frowning:


As far as I remember the rules it is enough that anyone flags any post of you to take the moderator status away. That is too much power in the hands of the wrong people.
I don’t remember a post flagged of the other former moderators.


It isn’t so, you can trust me. :wink:
Moderators and Leaders (TL4) are promoted or demoted by admins.
Has nothing to do with flags.
TL3 Regular can be acheived automatically with partecipation.

you used the S word. that is why


Probably… but I like to tell the truth without fake kindness.
S stands also for Sad , the Sad reality of Social Trading .
The sad reality where credulous investors trust return produced by dishonest guys.
I hope “dishonest” is tolerated, I have already been scolded for “charlatan”.

So “darwinex-uncut” is :+1: while “cavaliereverde-uncut” is :-1:


Really disappointing @CavaliereVerde and I did not think that @ignacio or darwinex was taking this decision. What a pity!

For me you will be always the real LEADER of this community, though it will not be written below.

You are always here writing and expressing your opinion, in the best and in the worst times, when it is hard to be…

I can not more agree. I would like to know how many of us agree… Let,'s vote!!!


you should set up a telegram for "Cavaliereverde Lions den " posts :wink:

keep the cheer leading for here.


If they don’t want the use of specific words, you should not be able to publish that word. Nearly every forum has that to avoid abuse with political or sexual content which can bring the forum providers into trouble.

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What a pity! I don’t understand why is now removed. If I am not mistaken there were about 15 users under that badge which, in addition to being the highest trust level 4, represented a recognition of the positive example given in the community. I realized it but I thought it was a bug, instead now in the Badges / Leader’s tab nobody is there anymore! :thinking: :pensive:

VolcanoFX :volcano:


The loss of all in a high trust level is not in favor of a forum as it means the loss of confidence by the provider.

Together with the hectic in post migration and the missing ability to search all posts related to a Darwin (3 characters are too short for the forum search) there is a bad taste of protectionism on specific users against the community left.


Well,if darwinex in addition of mostly ignoring well debated complaints,starts stifling the free conversation among users of the platform,then eventually conversation would continue on some other public forum.I doubt it that darwinex staff would enjoy being degraded to normal participants while debating problems on ForexFactory forum for example.
That would become Marketing in reverse to great delight of competitors,I am afraid.
Give @CavaliereVerde moderators powers back,he has our trust.Just imagine if we get into one of our heated debates during weekend and then monday morning some employee butchers the debate so that nobody can follow the line of thought anymore and people don’t answer because they didn’t see it.


Strange decision, CavaliereVerde keeps this forum alive. Darwinex should be paying him for this service.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for your feedback.

Please note that there was no decision taken against good old @CavaliereVerde, who is indeed the most active and valuable contributor to the Darwinex community.

For the time being, the leader status has been removed for everyone (not only Cavaliere’s, but anyone’s). Believe it or not, there were several users in this forum who believed “leaders” were Darwinex employees.

I do agree and you can rest assured that Cavaliere continues to be a community member and he’s still able to take part in any discussion, of course.

As you may (or may not) have noticed, the community forum is being reshaped, which includes adding new languages and working on different user categories.

This does not mean that active contributors like Cavaliere will not have their own badges and so on, for the time being it only means that “Leaders” (with all the moderating rights such title entails) have been discontinued.You can find the different user types here: Understanding forum trust levels

We will keep you posted on upcoming news / features/ changes!


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Thanx for the support and this is good as official position but I know there are some users behind this change.
We will speak about it this evening.
Badges are only something aesthetic while being Leader or Moderator makes the difference.

This a loss for the community not just for me, I think that some users that are here since the beginning deserve that status.
It is meritocracy…

For you as staff and admins trust level don’t make any difference…:wink:


A part from Leaders, I was the only moderator, so it is a very single action on a very single user.


Dear friends.
I had my conversation with @ignacio and I have been reassured that Darwinex is very happy about my work here and I am still trusted.
They don’t want to demote or decapitate the community.
Other former Leaders are trusted by the community and by Darwinex.

About my moderator powers they are designing something customized for me to keep everything clean and on-topic as before. This beacause a full moderator has access to data that can legally be available only to employees.

Thanx again to everyone for the support, very appreciated.


Hi friends, I need your help for a better community, something easier to understand for new users.

As you can see the current title for Darwinex employees is “team”.

What do you prefer as title to identify Darwinex guys?

  • team
  • Staff
  • Darwinex

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