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Comparing Darwins with similar equity on the underlying strategy

I wanted to make a reflection that I have been going around for a long time.
If I have not misunderstood the Var is among other things to compare the Darwins on equal terms, well but I compare my Darwin with others and I always find Darwins who in% earn much more than mine or much less than the mine being correlated to € 90 and it is for the equity that we have in the underlying one of course and of course I do not know to what extent this comparison is correct because I believe that the right thing would be to compare Darwins with the same equity or at least similar because it is not even a Darwin who earns 10% in a month by having € 1000 in his account than a Darwin who earns 10% by having € 10,000 in his account, mainly because you do not operate the same with € 1000 than with € 10,000 because of the level of risk that you can afford to assume mentally it is much higher with € 1000 since you have much less to lose is to say that you can play it much more.
In short, I think it would be good to find a way to compare Darwins with similar equities.


Dear @pedroigual,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion! May I start my reply by congratulating you on your great results with your MNK DARWIN.

In regard to traders’ equity, you can set up a filter to choose DARWINS based on their own equity:

By choosing traders with an equity greater than 10k, you can ignore systems trading less than 10k.

I hope this proves helpful, please do let us know should you need further assistance!



Uff, sorry I didn’t know

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No need to apologise!

There are certainly other users who were not aware of this capability and will benefit from your comment.

Keep up the great trading,

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