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Compliance vs The Forum: The Road Ahead

After much deliberation and counsel, we’re announcing today that as of November 30, 2020, the Community Forum will no longer be available as a forum to new nor existing users. It will continue to be available as an archive.

This decision is primarily a Compliance risk mitigation measure (more on this below).

We’ve taken the liberty to inform our most active forum users, and would like to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone for all your contributions, feedback and community assistance over the years :+1:.

Our decision is explained below, broken down by risk factor.

Regulatory Risk

With Darwinex soon to become regulated by more than one regulator, we’ve assessed that this forum poses a regulatory risk that exceeds our appetite for that risk.

Given that DARWINs are complex investment products, their promotion to retail investors is under high scrutiny by all serious regulators.

Our Compliance Team has been closely monitoring all publications and conversations on this forum (e.g. introduction threads by DARWIN Providers, participation in various forum threads, etc.) and has arrived at the conclusion that the forum in its present state of discourse, does not adequately meet Regulatory Compliance criteria.

Reputational Risk

To a smaller extent than regulatory risk, we’ve also identified the forum as a reputational risk for the company.

As many of you are already aware, we’ve fought a difficult battle over time against “social trading/PAMM accounts” and the “run of the mill FX/CFD Broker” space, putting immense effort towards positioning ourselves in a manner that does justice to who we are and more importantly the target audience we serve.

At our core, we are a FinTech Broker and Asset Manager that takes trading talent from A to B.

Positioning a business correctly requires great care, time and effort, and poses immense challenges in the way of resource-availability.

Having taken several important factors into consideration, we’ve come to the conclusion that brand management and ensuring strict risk compliance would require considerably more intense resourcing to maintain the Forum.

Given that the number of clients actively using and availing any benefit from this forum is unfortunately too small, as a company we are simply unable to justify deploying the resources it needs for a compliant existence.

Substitutes for Different Forum Categories

Here are some of the resources and tools that can be seen as substitutes for the different forum categories.

  • News from Darwinex. We will continue to maintain (and soon redesign) our company blog. We’ve also started a Telegram Channel that you’re welcome to join. We’re also sharing news in the Darwinex Collective Slack Space and on Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Ask the Community / Attributes & Risk Management. We’ll double down our efforts to keep developing Darwinex Docs. For questions specific to your accounts and portfolios, you should reach out to our Customer Success Team at, just as you did until now.

  • FX & CFD Trading. The Internet is full of FX/ CFD forums, and we don’t believe it necessary for Darwinex to host yet another. Of course, all of you are always welcome to share your thoughts and exchange your ideas on the Darwinex Collective Slack Space.

  • DARWIN API. The Alpha Team will continue creating tutorials for DARWIN API users and offering support via GitHub Issues where appropriate.

  • DARWIN Analyses / DARWIN Introductions. You’re welcome to post content related to these categories on your own website or social media profiles, as long as your publications are not invitations, recommendations or anything similar, to invest. We’re looking into adding to DARWIN profiles a professional description and / or updates of the DARWIN, to be developed by the provider with help from our team.

  • Feedback. Our Customer Success Team will manage your suggestions related to platform features and bugs while our official podcast, for which we’ll use the “Darwinex UnCut” brand, will manage your public questions and feedback. You’re welcome to send these via email ( or voice message ( We’re also looking into publishing a feature roadmap as well as facilitating the submission of feature suggestions by users.

Timeline of the Closure

  • Time of publishing this post. We’ll disable new forum registrations. Existing users will continue to be able to log in.

  • September 30, 2020. We’ll switch all categories to “publishing upon approval” mode and will only approve posts related to where other users may follow and contact you if they wish to.

  • November 30, 2020. We’ll disable login altogether. The forum and its full content will continue to be available as an archive.

Other Relevant Details

  • From the Activity tab of your user profile you can download a ZIP file containing a set of CSV files with all your posts, visits, preferences and badges.

  • If, for any reason, you prefer to delete some of your forum posts, you can do so by going to the post and clicking the :wastebasket: icon.

  • If, for any reason, you prefer to delete your whole forum profile (including all your posts), please write to and we’ll do it for you. If, for any reason, you’d like to anonymize your forum posts, we can do that for you as well.

We appreciate that this post won’t be liked by a few, but are convinced that it’s beneficial for our clients, all Traders and Investors, the Trader Movement and Darwinex.

Thank you all once again for your most valuable contributions over time.

Kind regards,

The Darwinex Team


I understand your point of view.
It would be good you give guidelines for the following part so we as Darwin providers can follow the regulation correctly.

What is ok to post.
1- Post past results?
2- Explain how we trade?

What is not ok to post?
1- Buy XXXX and you will be rich…

Example of information would be good.

Best Regards
EOD trader

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What substitute is offered for new Darwins and new traders to be visible?
A new filter?

Thanks for the feedback and the questions!

If you don’t hold a license that allows you to give investment advice, what you must take utmost care of NOT doing are so-called “financial promotions”.

What is a financial promotion? According to the FCA…

Any form of communication (including through social media) is capable of being a financial promotion, depending on whether it includes an invitation or inducement to engage in financial activity.

So, if you’re not regulated and talk about your DARWIN in public (the web, social media), you should beware of inviting or inducing to buy your DARWIN. You should make it utmost clear at all times that you’re not giving investment advice.

This video might also be of interest here:

We’ll continue offering guidance to DARWIN providers regarding this issue both reactively (upon request) and proactively (reaching out to providers when we see that a post by them could be a financial promotion).

Take care.

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That’s not only present in this forum, but also in a lot of Darwin descriptions (like „best investment is buy and hold long term“) and Must also be removed for compliance reasons.

A description must not contain any instructions for potential investors to avoid promotional content.



Thank you for the information and the video.
I think the video is clear and easy to follow.

Best Regards
EOD Trader

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There is already a filter of New DARWINs. What Darwinex is focusing on in terms if increasing visibility of darwins is increasing the number of qualified investor eyeballs and the amount of qualified investor capital seeking trading talent.

You’re right, that’s an issue that needs to be addressed as well.

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That should exclude any external links or links to this forum. Links to Darwinex content are under responsibilities of the callers side.

Which other regulator, Bianka?



I think it will be EU regulation. Information comes from this video :

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Exactly, as mentioned by @hekenberg, besides maintaining the FCA-regulated status, Darwinex is obtaining an EU licence with the Spanish regulator to ensure continuity of the MiFID passport.


Really goods news this will be.

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