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Controlling multiple MT4/5 instances (tradecopiers)?

I’m looking for a way to control multiple trading terminals. I’m not shy to touch code but being a full manual trader I have no experience with MQL. The idea is to write a piece of software that lets me control my currently running MT4/5 instances from a central GUI.

Is it possible to connect to and control MQL EAs from a software running on the same PC? I have different account sizes and need to adjust positions accordingly.

Is there another or better solution?

I solved this issue with Forex Copier 2, where you can set up Source MT4/5 and receiver MT4/5 accounts. and you can adjust trades based on amount on your receiver account in settings. Demo version is for free with some limitations.There is plenty of copying softwers out there for reasonable price.


Thanks, looks good. Hopefully v3 released in a few days will actually support MT5. Their remote version already does.

I just checked with the Forex Copier devs. Version 3 will be release in 1-2 weeks and support both, MT4 and MT5. So I’m not going to re-invent the wheel :slightly_smiling_face:

2 Likes is a cloud based Copy Service, i think this is your best solution

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My post is not spam, and i dont work for Trade copier, i use them myself, its an excellent service and gives u exactly what u ask for, Without LAG, since its Cloud based Equinox Servers, same as Darwinex to really give u an edge on latency.
supports MT4,5,Ctrader, LMAX


Thank you for providing this information @jimaegirson - much appreciated.

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Thank you for clarifying, no worries :+1:


Jimaegirson. for how long you have been using this provider?
so far it looks great but I feel a small discomfortness giving them my trader password and letting them see all my trades…

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