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CORONAVIRUS, my best wishes to everyone in the community

This post has nothing to do with trading, but with the traders, investors, employees and all the community.

We argue, fight and have very intense comments back and forth here, but nowadays we have to start thinking about this pandemic that could be much more severe than we all thought.

I hope everybody here be responsible with this disease, I hope Italians, Spaniards, as the most affected people stay healthy, and at home as much as possible, and put the money behind the health…everyone’s health.

I want everybody here healthy, I need strong people in the forum to keep our arguments for the following years to come…

After all we can replace the money, but we only have one life and it is not replaceable.

Good trading and good health everybody.

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Stupidity is more common than common sense nowadays. Fox…it is banned in my house.

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Never thought to find Casa Surace on CGTN !