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Could disallowing pre-IPO Darwin data from all scores and contests actually encourage new good traders?

Dear @juancolonbo, it is not nice to call me a landmine, even if I’m sure you meant not me, but probably my demo portfolio. Also that is not nice,l especially on a hidden thread.

But I don’t take it personally.

The criterion “Days in Darwinex” must be changed to “Days published” - then the discussion about account farming is obsolete. That’s also valid for the toggle.

Darwinex does not offer sufficient tools for investors to run a successful portfolio with the tools. There are just the few filter lists and the hall of fame. DarwinIA is not visible for investors.

  • The shortest period needed in lists is a week and not a month.
  • All criteria offered for selection should be available for sorting in all timeframes and shown in a additional column.
  • a correlation matrix should be available for the filter result. That could be done by offering a second temporary demo portfolio to copy the result list (at least the first 40) for evaluation as done at the backtester.
  • it should be selectable whether the relative value is shown (related to a point in the past) or the absolute value

Your idea

produces too much concentration on a few Darwins and leads to high divergence as currently on HFD and well known from THA cutting the profit of investments significantly.


@bendex roger that. Passed on to the product team.

Dear @IlIlIlIlI As a general rule of engagement, if I refer to anyone specific, I will start my post with an @, like I’ve done in this particular instance.

Sorry that you interpreted my contribution as a personal interpolation, but in re-reading my own statement I don’t feel the onus is on me for that.

You can perform most of the tasks you request, and more by using our API. From our standpoint as a company, we feel it’s more productive to release and support the API than deliver on too investor specific use cases.

Best regards

It kind of seems like you put the wrong URL for all your links in that post. They don’t seems to make any sense. Maybe it was an accident to point the landmine link at @IlIlIlIlI post?

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Relating the link of @juancolonbo not to me or my activities in the forum, but to the linked post and it’s content, DarwinIA is a landmine :wink::joy:

Not sure what you guys mean, but apologies if I did something wrong. Sorry, but let’s please move on!

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You did by pointing accidentally to a person instead of a portfolio. Apologies of course accepted, as I had some fun with it at the end. :wink:

@integracore2 are there sample programs available how to use the API (ideally source code written in R) including instructions how to run them 24/5 for trading Darwins? Most investors are not programmers, I assume, but to modify a program is much easier than to write it from scratch.

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The sky is the limit with an API. Investor can higher a programmer to get exactly what they want. Also, third party websites could start popping up soon with new ways to rate Darwins. :grinning:


The new videos about random walks by @TradeSignalMachine are also proving how easy can be for a trackrecord farmer to acheive an attractive trackrecord.
A lucky random walk is very similar to a robust trackrecord, much more than a lucky martingale.

A dihonest trader can start 10 accounts and after one year it is very probable that one af them will show 40% return with a DD lower than 15% , high PF , decent LA and high DScore.

That’s not onlyvalid for account farmers, but also for most of all other traders for one simple reason: both don’t have a Real edge.

I understand number 1 may be important for some. I guess if the investor is a real alpha he can do his due diligence to research the previous experience of the trader. For that they have the forum, they have internet, and they have the links that the traders can publish on their profiles.

When Darwinex adds the information in number 1 as a default information it is misleading. It is great that you have a disclaimer, but you could improve the information in a way that the disclaimer is not needed. When you enter in Darwinex, you expect that the data comes from Darwinex, which is the place you trust. You do not expect that it includes “foreign” data that Darwinex does not support.

If Darwinex does not have the moral right to choose on investor behalf, I think either it has the moral right to research the “historic” information. The ones that want information outside Darwinex can go and research for it. If the trader is interested on showing it, it will not be difficult to find.

I agree the pre-IPO should be added to the filters and activated by default.