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Create your own private fund (multiple traders associated)

The below suggestion had it’s status updated as “S̶t̶a̶r̶t̶e̶d̶” "Under review"on UserVoice
I am very much enthusiast about this feature that could create some new synergy

Can we know a little more of practical details on what was decided : roughly, how will a couple of traders will be able to join forces ?


  • by creating a mini-portofolio via the association of each of their own Darwins in order to form a larger single asset ?


  • by blending the various traders accounts’ signals into a single synthesis as 1 Darwin ?

…that could make quite a difference for piloting the whole fund, since either no /little cooperation or cooperation to a great extent would then be recommended


Sorry, it was a mistake!

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No problem, I prefer it as “Under review” since it brings up some questions :wink:

Any updates on this proposition? And what will the difference be than having different DARWINS on the portfolio except that if the user whom creates that (secret recipe) of the particular combination of DARWINS gets compensated and intellectual property rights are retained by the creator of the portfolio for profit share or sumthing…that’s an old post though I wonder if the interest is still there?

I am afraid there are no updates in this regard :frowning:

I remember this being a topic a few years ago. There must be some successful investors maybe many, that would like to convert their portfolio into a single Darwin, and help others get a start at investing and receive some compensation. Or is this just a logistical nightmare to achieve with fees to the darwin creator and the portfolio manager. I bring this up because I feel the traders investing in traders is fantastic but where are the successful investors hiding, they too have intellectual property to protect so perhaps there is a way to get some managers on board.
Just trying to get some conversation going here :smile:

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It required me some minutes but I found the old discussion :wink:

The problem is that from a very basic investor platform that we have now and this feature there is still a long list of missing things.

To analyze a darwin we have one hundred of numbers, with portfolios we have return and equity at risk, even drawdown is missing.

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Once upon a time… there was DWEX
DWEX the dynamic index made by Darwinex
A portfolio shared by Darwinex, showing drawdown, number of darwins…

Now Darwinex isn’t sharing any portfolio since more than one year.
This has to be the first step beacuse Darwinex is a regulated money manager.


When I suggested both the DWEX and the Private Fund functionality initially it was possibly out of enthusiasm, without a full appreciation for just how complicated these things could be to make work in reality. In some ways I think a Private Fund would be more attractive to Darwinex because investors cannot blame Darwinex algo’s if it performs badly, because it will be in the hands of those managing the fund. DARWINEX would (and probably should) still intervene in the risk management of the master DARWIN, and as such investors will (as is the case now), not invest in traders, but in a Darwinex based asset (now called a master DARWIN).

My initial idea for the Private Fund was that traders that had DARWINS could group together to create a fund, or a master DARWIN so to speak. The idea was that traders could apply to join an existing fund if they felt that their own DARWINS were performing well, and then for such a request to either be approved or rejected based on what could turn out to be quite a complicated governance model by those traders who are already in the fund.

Below was a mad picture that I drew in my head at the time, very rough and hardly contains everything required to probably create something like this. But if anything, just an idea for some innovation.


I know Darwinex is working on it.
Are we close to the release of portfolio sharing?