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CVL -- CavaliereVerde

WOW -27% in one calendar month…
This is a record I wasn’t looking for… :neutral_face:

If I had understood well, CLV is a trend follower algo right? If so, how it did perform during this big trend down in GBP USD ? (just in this pair, this month)

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The strategy running on GBPUSD is not a trend follower but patterns.
GBPJPY is a trenfollower and performed bad.

All the algos, working with different markets, different setups and timeframes decided to go south this month…


This is CVL that has essentially no investors.
Above you can read the detailed explaination of the DD.
No casinò just unexpected internal correlation.

Yes, CVL had a few investors and still has, so because they are not many you don´t care about them?
LSC has lost 9%, 8% and 21% in May, June and July…and also has investors. This is the third year in a row with negative results.
And KVL is not much better than the other two.
Investors don´t live out of explanations (everybody can offer explanations and excuses for poor performance), they invest to make money no to hear excuses.
When your results match your words, then you´ll gain my respect as a trader, in the meantime you should be way more humble, and of course respect more the work of your colleages, even if you don´t like their work.

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It is me and my friend @forexelate (darwins PFI PFD PFQ ) on 2 different porfolios, 1+2=3 .
We work together since many years.


My trading match my rules and I am 100% consistent to my declared strategy.
You confuse return with credibility.


this is a disappointed investor…

Change the rules, they are nor working.
When you have your mouth full of words like robustness, consistency, rules, long term results, etc…and after 3 years your Darwins have negative results, obviously your darwins are not consistent, not robust, no long term results, nothing, no edge.
The ONLY thing that matter here (for traders and investors) is MONEY. Everything else is bull crap.
I prefer people like Outsidethebox who admit to be an aggressive traders instead who has those nice words about robustness, consistency, long term results, blah, blah, blah…but it is just words no results. At least who invest in Outsidethebox know what is investing at, no surprises.
So, you have lost any credibility you had left. Of course, this is my opinion, and I´ll change my mind when you prove with results (no nice words) that you know what you are doing.

When the picture will be more complete I will remove the losing components.

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like obvious!!
This CVL Darwin is quite a sight. Like honestly, how can you define that as good trading? Or better said, how can you spout off all over the place professing your advice and God-like instructions, when you have made so little profit or even losses? None of my three Darwins, as was pointed out above, are even close to breakeven, and they have quite lengthly track records.

And you confuse your strategy with “a good strategy leading to positive returns”

Thanks. I don’t get many positive comments these days.
It is nice to have one every now and then.
Time to not look back and run my three strategies so that people don’t have so many complaints… although I have learnt the hard way that as a fund manager you will always have either:

  1. complaints
  2. jealous people
  3. people who are good at telling you what they think you should do
  4. good investors who stay silent
  5. investors who don’t practice healthy investing maxims like not jumping ship when a strategy approaches its max drawdown or not adding to their investments in a good strategy that has a bad month or period
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Maybe I am not profitable but I do what I say, that is credibility.
Conservative risk and conservative claims, drawdown will be recoverd following a defined strategy.


I am not happy about the return of my darwins.
My lifestyle is that I don’t promise what I cannot keep.
I do what I say and I say what I do.
Credibility and transparency.

I will never run a trackrecord farm to “diversify” lucky accounts to show from losing accounts to hide.
I will never run a martingale, sometimes averaging down could produce better results but I prefer to avoid it because it is dangerous for discipline and mindset.
From averaging to martingale the step is short so I prefer to keep one trade per signal.

About my activity on this forum I am communicative when I am on highs and when I am on lows and I never advertised my darwins neither when I was on highs.

I never insulted anyone but when I read bullshit I have to reply I am not able to stay silent, this is my flaw.


yes so focus more on your own trading and then you might have a greater chance to improve. When you get that right, then you can focus more time on criticising others, even if they have awesome performance and heaps of great energy and cool ideas.
remember, you open yourself up to this, I didn’t pick this fight.

All my trading is automated but I supervise the result of the portfolios on myfxbook almost every day.

Is CVL a winner or a loser?
Time will tell.

I am not the professor here, but I have a very high knowledge of social investing and I know very well how Darwinex works.
I remember I have given some “God-like instructions” about Darwinia, Regularity and much else also to you.

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GBPJPY : strategy stopped
EURUSD : strategy moved to higher timeframe

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I think you fucked up with that -27% in the month mate.

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I dont’ “decide” return and DD of my strategies unfortunatelly.

I manage a portfolio of algos and I revise the components without messing up single trades.

There are many Hedge Funds fucked up with 30% DD managing billions with their trackrecord of 10-20 years.
Discipline and persistence make the difference for true investors with true money.