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D-Score and Investable Attributes

Right, you criticized DScore. :slight_smile:
I have been crtiticizing Timing (now OS and CS) since the first day of this community.
Then I criticized Consistency, Market Correlation, Loss Aversion and even Performance.
Has Darwinex done something to change them following my indications? NO

I am here to make money not to revise DScore and investable attributes.
I dont’ like to waste my time repeating the same things over and over.
Instead than continuing my battle against windmills I designad a filter including only the scores that work better: EX , RS and CP.
There are other things much better than DScore like “days in darwinex”, Trading Journal is very useful so I dont’ need a perfect DScore to invest.

They don’t want to work on DScore, they prefer to prioritize API, it is their right.

I thank Darwinex for a great tool like the backtester, and I thank them to promote good trading with Darwinia.

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I totally understand your frustration as Darwinex started with the mission to translate trading excellence into an easily understandable and interpretable score.
However, it’s becoming more than clear that it’s not that easy and there are a lot of things to improve. I’m pretty sure Darwinex isn’t satisfied with the current scoring either. The big problem is that, unfortunately, it’s not an easy fix.
I wouldn’t want the scoring to be abandoned completely though. Personally, I am still using D-Score for filtering and also a couple of other parameters. I have just recently started investigating this so I don’t know if my method of filtering is indeed working but I have still some hope :wink:


Oh, I misunderstood you then, sorry. Yep, I agree that it would be interesting to have all of that information. But of course I would keep also all the attributes, I’m sure that they’re trying to improve them and it is a good “first sight”. May be the attributes are not as good as they should but it is nice to have them.

But yes, I agree that would be interesting to have as much information as possible. Probably the user interface would be a bit clogged with all of that, so probably I’d separate that kind of infomation into an “advanced” tab or something like that, to keep things clean.

Also the attributes, ideally, would help an investor (not a trader) to spot easily the best darwins. That’s the Darwinex job, to improve them and to make them really usefull.


They could rename Trading Journal to “Advanced”… :slight_smile:
Darwinex has the most complete information among every social trading site, investable attributes are only 20% of the infos.
Some traders share also their myfxbook profile but that is up to the trader, and transparency is a powerful indicator… :wink:

BTW while DScore is not so useful as many attributes, the charts of attributes evolution are very useful , they provide a precise analysis together with Trading Journal.


But, I do. Why not? Isn´t it the purpose of criticism to change some things to improve the current conditions, or it is just a place to steam off? If the forum is a waist of time, I need to know it, but if it is a place to chat about all kind of problems affecting traders and invertors, then I am in, and I hope Darwinex hears us and change some things.

You´ll make more money if investors make money, because if you are has a darwin with good results, you´ll profit more…so, yes, it is exactly all about money what I am talking about.

You are creating the windmills and the battles too, I dind´t even say to design any filter including the best atributes, I just said D-Score and the atributes are worthless and missleading( you should read again what I said), so don´t filter them, just remove them, and let the inversors see all the trading information naked. D-Score and atributes -in my opinioin- are just manipulating information. The information is there, the original, why you need to translate it for investors, when it is clear than the FLAG SHIP of all tools ¨D-Score¨ is totally worthless, and you CavaliereVerde has stated that very recently too…
If Darwinex want to keep it, they can use it for Darwinia competition only, but don´t show them publically (only to traders) to investors if it is hurting them, doesn´t make sense?

For me it is a place to know other traders and design investment strategies with other investors.
Providing feedback to Darwinex is not my priority.

I dont think investors are caring so much about DScore.

Now Darwinex provided a Model Portfolio to inspire investors, and it is clearly not a top DScore portfolio.

Ok, if I was an external investor, and I´d explore and filter the darwins, the first thing that would be calling my attention would be D-Score, I´d think it is a wonderful tool which will make the work easier for me. After several months I´ll be blaming Darwinex to give me a useless tool which have made me loose money, and I´ll spread the word blaming Darwinex all over the trading websites…People won´t take responsability for their bad decisions, they will blame Darwinex and the freaking useless D-Score, don´t you agree?
Investors are not (and they don´t have to) educated about darwins, an average investor is a person looking for more profits for their investments. If you say the higher D-Scores are the best darwins, the investors will just go on that wave.
I think D-Score and the atributes would be a great tool ONLY if they really works, otherwise I´d remove them until I can fix them. But if you still want to keep them, why don´t hide D-Score and atributes for investors and only show and use them for Darwinia contest?
My whole point is, why keep D-Score still visible for investors if all of us know this tool is not working for them?

As I said before evolution of DScore and single attributes is very useful to moitor the behaviour of the trader.

Well, I see you are thinking only about you, maybe I have more spare time to be the investor´s gladiator here! Or maybe I am a ¨Quijote¨ battling windmills too…

Really? I´d bet D-Score is in the filter of most of investors.

I don´t like to be guided, it could be manipulated or biassed, I´d rather prefer you give me all the information naked (at least you can prove your help means more profit) and I´ll make the decisions myself (otherwise it is politics).

The point is not what you need, because you are not an averaged investor. You live inside Darwinex, it is your whole world (this is what it looks like to). So, don´t tell me what you do. I am not talking about what I do either, what I am saying is plain and simple:
¨D-Score is a missleading tool for most of inverstors¨, it should be only used for traders, but not for investors.
If I was going to be an investors, I woundn´t use D-Score at all, same you do, right? So, why Darwinex leave this powerful tool visible for numb investors? It is a mistery to me.

DScore is not completely useless, it is an indicator and if you want a simple filter with few parameters is is the best starting point.
For example I don’t think it is possible to beat the market using RSI alone but it would be a bullshit to remove it from metatrader just for that reason, it can be useful combined with other stuff, as it happens with every indicator.
They should remove DScore just because it is not so efficient as you want it to be?

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How well does d-score correlate to return with d-score lagged?

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DScore behaves like a de-trended return.
It is useful for a superficial analysis, just like return and drawdown, and a superficial analysis is just the beginning, not enough to find robust darwins that will perform in the future.

DScore is unchanged since May 2018 , I think they are not working on it since they started to work to the API , I dont’ share this decision.

If you look to the landing page for investors there is no mention to DScore, they are not marketing it so strong as 3 years ago.
Investors are invited to start from the Model Portfolio and to look for traders in the Hall Of Fame.
So provider earnings are a better indicator than DScore.


I remember one of your old comments where you suggested to invest only darwins with a good Risk Stability score.
Risk Stability works almost perfectly while other scores like LA and MC are 10% of what they should be.
Despite it RS has a relative low weight in DScore.

DScore will never be perfect, it rates the past and it will never be enough to guess future performance but it should not be so difficult to calibrate the algos in a better way than the current one.

I’m curious what the theoretical maximum D-Score of a Darwin would be if it scored a perfect 10 on all 12 attributes. Would that be a D-Score of 100, or can it go above?

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Max DScore is 100.
The max reached DScore is 90 with darwin TMB on May 2018 .

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You forgot to add:Migrated crap,useless for investors.By the way,did you check BZC lately?That darwin will pollute 1-year Return rankings for months,the same as SCS is polluting 2-year Return rankings and cannot get off soon enough.

Ok but this is not a topic on migrations, there are many others. :wink:

That is very true.
Avg. win +17p
Avg. loss -59p