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D-Score and Investable Attributes

Oh no, my meaning was that he just mentioned someone was attacking his Darwin and then he started to attack someone else’s Darwin :slight_smile:

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The whole point is that this is not a SYE vs KVL or SYE vs rest of the world.
If you want to criticise DScore you are welcome here but if you post a superficial analysis be prepared to be answered with an in-depth one.

Something like: “Return is high and DScore is low so DScore has gone fishing” is a superficial analysis.

  1. Knowing the algos
  2. Criticizing constructively
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We are very sorry because Darwinex does not come out in defense of one of his darwins.
When some leaders, taking advantage of their quality of leaders, destroy the confidence in a darwin, what is the point of the darwin but is to opt for Darwinia.
“trust is everything to the investor”.
We have never commented on anyone’s TRADING.
We have been accused of martingale and failed since the beginning of our presence here.
The most offensive for you is an innocent pun “juggling-algorithm” knowing that Cavaliere is a trader of Algos and that previously we wish him encouragement for the end of the year.
“someone could respect our work please”.

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I respect your work and I respect also the work of the developers of DScore .
If you are a good trader or not it is up to investors.

This does not mean that your trading won’t be commented, once you publish a darwin everyone can comment your results and trading behaviour.

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That’s mainly done by the trader himself by

  • investors‘ losses
  • Darwin results
  • his words here
  • his grade of honesty

There is no reason for Darwinex to defend anything against the comments of others.


Hello CavaliereVerde,

believe me that since 5-6 months ago we started at darwinexlabs to question the concept of D-Score and Investable Attributes, specially the D-Score, and we’re already defining what to do.
I promise today that in the following 3 weeks (we need some time), we will write an extensive post to explain what we plan to do with our algos in the next year.
Please, don’t think that we don’t hear your opinions. In this case, we consider the current concept of D-Score is a dead road, and we prefer not to spend more time making small changes, if we more or less know how to change it completly for the better, and of course taking into account the feedback of qualified customers.


We need a “reloaded” DScore


Good to hear that you listen us, and it is very much appreciated. That is why most of us love Darwinex.
However, Darwins with the most investor produces DD of 20% to 40% in a single month, which is heart-wrenching to see. This also creates trust deficit for other credible Darwins and platform.

I hope Darwinex comes up with something effective that incubates skilled and dedicated trades through Darwinia. We hope to see more skilled trader and better Darwins in future unlike current scenario.

I don’t think you can really blame Darwinex for that.
Even with an improvement of parameters and D-Score, I’m sure tons of investors will still have a look at return and drawdown only.

I agree it doesn’t play well for Darwinex reputation, but what can we do about it? It’s their money, their choice.

PS: then if we talk about migrations, it’s another story and I blame Darwinex for that, but in a friendly and pacific way. Once again, it’s not my call, I’m here only as a trader :slight_smile:


Darwinex will improve the DD calculation if I understood @bianka right, so it will be easier to set a sense making stop loss on a Darwin position.

It is the investors choice that any Darwin is the one with most investors, not made by Darwinex. The loss is made by the trader, smoothed by the Darwinex risk manager.

An investor should always lookup the trading account to see what the trader has done and how he plays with the Darwinex algos which create the Darwin out of his trading.

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Well, it is not about blaming Darwinex.

But giving space to darwins with risky behaviour, Darwinex behaving like copy trading platform instead of a turnkey asset management service.

I agree investor is solely liable for their decision. However, we know that retail investor/trader has little to no experience on market behaviour and often driven by emotion. Therefor, they come to Darwinex with lots of hope (in terms of security of capital with so called risk manager and other features they market around). But present scenario at darwinex looks like copy trading platform only.

In my humble opinion, there should be strict scrutiny in terms of listing darwins (or make it investable).

The emotion is called greed.

And Darwinex does not show risk classes as suggested a while ago, but a lot of other data.

The thing is: what do you want to say to a Darwin that has 2 years of track record, with 200% profit and 9% drawdown?
Not criticizing your opinion, it’s just that it is hard to come up with something.
You can introduce something like “maximum daily drawdown” or something like “maximum hourly drawdown”, so investors can have a feeling that they can lose 5-6% even in one hour and 9-10% in a single day, in case of HFD. But, more than that, I don’t have any other idea and, frankly, I don’t expect investors to care.

In the end, I believe that, with time, good traders (maybe including HFD trader) with a long track record will stand out and will have more light than traders with a couple of good years.
Darwinex is relatively new, let’s give it more time.

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Meanwhile I don’t believe that. There was and is no live or demo portfolio published which shows that this idea did ever work anytime in the last years since this idea is repeated again and again.
Can you prove that I missed something?

And what about the opposite: can you show me a profitable portfolio
acheived riding hero darwins for some weeks/months?

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Why should I do so? My demo portfolio is always public.
And I don’t tell people tales which don’t work because they cannot work but in senseless backtesting of the few survivors of the past.

This is like searching gold in the river. You need to be patient and come with a colander with small holes, so the sand pass through but the gold seeds stay.


Nope, I have no proof.
I just hope that, in 5-10 years time, we will have 10-20 traders with a few years track record, showing that they are real and reliable traders.

Right now, I think it’s difficult to build a profitable portfolio because you don’t have a wide choice. I have analyzed nearly 1000 Darwins.
You have many traders with profit below drawdown.
You have many traders with a drawdown that I honestly would not accept.
You have some traders performing well, but that leaves you a feeling that something is not right.
You have some traders that are doing well, but have a track record that doesn’t even reach one year.

It’s like a jungle in which it is not easy to find the right path.
I’m totally ignorant about it and I would only follow the candlestick analysis of the Darwin, I would not have a look at any other parameter.
This is why I’m not an investor. This is why I wait for Darwinex to introduce portfolio providers. We can’t be good at everything. Sometimes it’s better to make myself humble and let other people do what they are good at.


I am happy to hear that from you.
I don’t think any tweak in the D-Score will fix it (IMO). I think it should be deleted for good.

Anyway if you are an investor you have all information needed in the darwin platform page. Information doesn’t need to be “translated” into a magical number. Every investor can analyze the original facts and numbers and make his/her own conclusions.

The attributes are ok if they are just a guide and don’t weight on anything. They can be good to know something about a darwin at a fast sight.


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Did I say that?

Anything between 0%-20% per annum is good for me, and making this return consistently makes it exceptional.

That is what I mean…

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