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Darwin ABH GET history/badges Returns Empty Response

The title sums it up. GET /products/{productName}/history/badges for Darwin ABH returns empty response.
Even Darwinex normal web interface shows nothing when I click on Dscore to see evolution of scores for ABH.

Happens with darwins


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Hi yhlasx,
Good point.
Some of those darwins are closed. Closed darwins are not longer analyzed and the history of their attributes are not guaranteed. For the rest of active darwins … we are looking at it, as they should have historical data for these attributes.


Hi yhlasx,
The products from the list in active status now have the history of attributes, so they should return values.

Thanks for letting us now about the issue!

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@jesusbc the following darwins have NaN values in historical attributes.


Also, when I query for their history via Python, it works. When I do it through API console, I get response code 0. Normal Darwinex interface also doesn’t seem to be showing historical attributes for them.

Example: Darwin AZZ, time stamp 1492203600000, Dscore NaN.
Is this expected/correct behavior?

Hi @yhlasx,
You are right! They should work but they are not working as expected through the API. It looks like we are having some internal timeout in the requests for these darwins but I have to investigate it further. I’ll post another comment as soon as we have it fixed.
Thanks for letting us know!

Hi again,
Investigating it further. From the API Store, when trying to test the historical attributes in the API Console there is actually a response, but the Store is displaying code 0. Introspecting the network done in the browser, the request has the response with all the data.
The issue is exactly the NaN values returned as you mention. We are going to change the response in the API to return null values instead of NaN, so it should be a valid JSON.

@yhlasx, this change is now in effect for the DarwinInfoAPI. The json is not longer returning NaN. The NaN values are now returned as null.

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Great, thanks! So I take it that the correct behavior is THE POSSIBILITY of a null value for a dscore in the history?

That’s correct, @yhlasx, sometimes we could have null values in some scores.

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