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{DARWIN API} Backtesting tool by naturalcapital

Ok, Filter based and rule based are two different approaches, but could be complementary.
So a solution may be to split them in two different tabs.

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yeah that’s what I meant :slight_smile:

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For rules we already have the other backtester by @yhlasx .

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Thank you @CavalireVerde for your …errr sense of leadership ! :partying_face: that clean separated thread is well appreciated. Collecting it now for the Unofficial DEPOT - known Darwinex stamped projects ! (it was the missing element)

Auto-shameless plug since there is no magnet bearing towards the depot :wink: “sticky” welcomed ! :switzerland::moneybag::switzerland:

It was requested by @naturalcapital :smiley:

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Btw, I think @naturalcapital really named it “Portofolio simulator”, from another post

You guys should pay more attention to the branding of your babies. I’ll call it Clarissa due to not receiving any clear directions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@yhlasx found “The thing” …to be remembered!
Still got free spots : “The beasty daemon”, “Gizmo-wookie”, etc

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He can rename the topic as he prefers .
“backtesting tool” is the definition of the official tool we have on the main site.
These are alternative tools to gather different infos…

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Tadaaaa !


Hm, maybe you both are looking at SCS? Those drawdown charts look like there are too few darwins in there


Native history filter ?

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Hm, I don’t think it is possible to do that at the moment

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This is not a predefined info recived throught the API, but migration dates are, and I can assume that a migration date of 0 equals to native darwin. So YES, a native history filter could be useful and will be added.

A question. Do you think that makes sense to use history before Darwinex’s validation?
Maybe it could be selected by the user, but at this moment i am preparing the code for directly exclude it.


After the most recent findings I would say NO :smile_cat:


App updated.

Now only history after Darwinex’s validation is used, amazing how it changes @CavaliereVerde.

When weekly and monthly rebalances are selected, now the last day of each period is used, not the 5 or 20 day’s mean, with the purpose of getting the same result if Darwinex’s filters are used.

The -performance fees curve has been temporarly removed, waiting for better calcs. in next updates.

I’ve been working with de num. of invested darwins plot, but I’m in trouble with both, the calcs and the shiny interface. When no filters are performed, or very low scores are selected, I get some 0s that spoil all. Keep it in mind if you see heavy changes in volatility, it is a bug.

Have a nice week guys
Soon more :muscle:


Yeah, unfortunately reactive paradigm of shiny isn’t very conductive to flexibility :frowning: Quite different from normal programming. I was perpetually bloody confused when I was writing stuff witht that. Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:


Congratulations @naturalcapital :slight_smile: :


New update here!

Calcs are now perfect :ok_hand: I trust them.
Your plot is now interactive, and the num. invested darwins is displayed.

Some insights:

  • Darwinex community of traders is very young.
  • This is a jungle, death is wherever you look.
  • High Capacity + Low Market Correlation is now just starting to give interesting performances.
  • Investing in darwins is not for everybody.
  • Darwinex scores do matter and are useful.

PD: I am thinking to borrow your feedback images, put them in the top of the page and use them as startling “contribute buttons”

PD2: Where are the Keep calm and trade safe T-Shirts? Summer is coming here


:+1: Gals & guys gathering

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