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{DARWIN API} Backtesting tool by naturalcapital

Leveraging the community data into a DWC indicator with machine learning techinques. Seems to work fine.
1 represents a high porbability of next month returns being in the 0-20% community’s percentile, 2 & 3 represents the 20-40,40-60… and so one, and are still negative. 5 represents a high probability to be in the 80-100 percentile with returns > 10% for the next month.
Still a prototype, here are the results judje by yourself


Hi naturalcapital,
firstly, thanks and congrats, this is a great tool!
I have a few questions:

  1. can you add a list of the actual Darwins that got selected, as a tooltip when hovering the date, or do I have to find them on the website via filtering?
  2. Any chance to get the data updated more frequently, i.e. be able to simulate up until say yesterday?
  3. I’d encourage everyone who’s using the tool to click on the contribution button and donate some, well deserved!


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Hi @potatonator ,
Sorry about missing updates… I lost the data-clean script and was postponing to write it again.

Now, I have to say that at this moment my interest in developing and maintaining the app is near to 0. At some point I’ll share here the code and some documentation, then shutdown the server.

I have to retract about this, since I realized that making aviable the test/validation of different hypothesis throught a “friendly environment”, at least in my case, is too much time expensive. Keeping the tool in development and open for use, is a multidisciplinary work that I am not able to do alone.

Also, derived data-driven insights add a lot of value in terms of portfolio management, and in near future we will see them leveraged into shared darwin’s portfolios. I could be wrong again, but that’s my approach.

Thanks you all for your feedback :clap:

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