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{ DARWIN API } Beta Testers Wanted

Hi everyone,

Exciting times are coming! Our DARWIN API is almost ready in Beta mode and we now need volunteers to test it.

I know good old @CavaliereVerde, @integracore2 and @NemesisCraze asked in the past to have access as beta testers. If anyone else is interested in trying our DARWIN API in beta mode and give us some feedback, please email me at so our IT guys can grant you access. Please confirm your Darwinex username in the email!

While it may sound obvious, we need people that have some programming skills and past experience with REST APIs. At this stage, we will be providing technical assistance in relation to our specific API, we cannot provide generic assistance on how to use a REST API.

Looking fwd to granting you access!

Trade safe everyone,


I can suggest also @GAlbano76


Thanks, @CavaliereVerde!

@GAlbano76 just give me a shout if you are in :slight_smile:


I shall keenly be watching the progress of this! Wish I had some programming skills!

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I’m in! Already sent email, thanks @CavaliereVerde for sponsoring me :blush:


Thanks everyone, the beta testers list is looking very promising, some big names on it already :clap:

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Good, very good news!

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Awesome guys!
Unfortunately we have no experience in programming. But we wish you all the best.

Kind regards

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Would be great if everyone (programmer / beta tester or not) helped us with ideas for use-cases you’d like to see tested, as we beta test.

For example, to do the following with the API:

  1. Construct a portfolio of any number of DARWINS on any custom timeframe (H1, H4, D1, etc etc)

  2. Plot any technical indicators on individual DARWINs or portfolios of DARWINs selected via a custom filter you’ve defined or would like defined.

  3. Entry/Exit simulations on DARWINs, e.g. Plot RSI(X) on DARWIN and buy/sell when … etc etc + generate backtest etc.

You get the idea… the more cases we have to test the API against, the more thoroughly we can and the cooler the experience for everyone involved, beta testers and watchers.

We can keep this thread buzzing with results, charts etc to show visually what the experience looks like… ideas will lead to more ideas to more tests, etc, making the whole process both thorough and fun :slight_smile:


For sure some of the star backtests will be entry/exit ones. At least those are the ones I plan to do first! :sunglasses:

Also backtests of darwins that blowed up despite having high D-Scores. Or portfolios backtest with some specific filters that people in the forum already published, but for older darwins.

Also, analyze when/how the worst trades are done by specific darwins, and exit them before those moments arrive.

And of course, deep learning over every parameter/trade.

The list is endless. Damn, I can’t wait to put my hands on the API. Actually I stayed at home this evening just in case I could touch it today (no kidding :sweat_smile: )


Excellent examples there @NemesisCraze, thank you :slight_smile:


If anyone has any difficulty whatsoever with configuring their test application’s AUTH layer, or any other query, please feel free to post your questions here.

If it’s Python, R, C++ or C# you’re working in, I can guide you on how to get up and running, no worries :thumbsup:


Hi Ignacio, I would like to participate as beta tester. Though I do not know (obviously) anything about your API I have a background on a lot of programming languages, so just give me a link or two to become familiar with it and I will do my homework for a start :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot, @deejay!

Instructions to access the API were sent to your registered email address :slight_smile:

We are glad to count on you!


are you still searching for beta testers?
Would love to test the API as i prefer working with Python and would like to ged rid of MQL for implementing my trading strategies…


Absolutely yes!

I will be sending you an email shortly :slight_smile:

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I just discovered Darwinex a few weeks ago. Play with 4000€ with interesting results. I’m an experienced developper, knowing well rest API, I would like to test the API in order to create my own Darwin selection tool (I will open source it of course).



Thanks a lot for your interest, @tlunati!

You’ll be receiving an email shortly :slight_smile:

It’s great to count on you!!!


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Really interested in the DARWIN API, more info please!

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Hey @naturalcapital,

Thanks a lot for your interest :slight_smile:

You’ll be receiving an email shortly.

May I wish you a Happy New Year!!!

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