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{DARWIN API} Portfolio Optimization Service

Are there more tools I’m not aware about ? (depot in mind)

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Indeed, I would like to request @ManFromGlad the incorporation of a time machine so that it can be tested based on unseen data

I can send you :cookie: / :hibiscus: to chew in return. You’re already in the hall of fame of merit.

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Congratulations @ManFromGlad for this great tool :slight_smile: !

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I had made an empirical representation in my mind of my forthcoming live portofolio : asymetrical allocation, dominant through realistic (heavy) “hard-earning” blue chips (not particularly shiny on the outside), coupled to some more risk engaged, light-headed Darwins as a booster + volatility damper, something like 85%-15% repartition …well, your optimization service confirmed exactly my vision (83%-17% for the 2 groups to achieve minimum variance for this selection) ! I’m glad :slight_smile:

I’m going to follow Jack Schwagger’s route : bet that only a few exceptional money managers are worth it instead of too large diversification. Double-edged sword choice ! Little room for error, but that’s how it goes I’m afraid. Gotta expose yourself through clearly defined decisions as an investor too, if a rewarding outcome is targeted

On a mission to reveal core gems in the long term, choosing the winding route, under-optimized


Make a new thread of your portfolio goals and analysis - I am sure it would be worth it.

For what is worth I am leaning to your conclusion as well - concentrate on few good money managers or at the very least not too many!

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Looks like something is broken:

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Indeed, it doesn’t work anymore.

Trying to get some feedback about it.

I’ll share feedback, here.

Hi, I am the author of this service. It appears my API login credentials no longer work. Not sure why. I have contacted Darwinex support to ask why and will fix/update as soon as possible.



Thanks @ManFromGlad for the feedback :slight_smile: !

The service is back up. Thanks for your patience.


I confirm it works :slight_smile:

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You can now pass unequally weighted portfolios by using a colon “:” to specify the weights.
(For example: AAPL:70,MSFT:30 for differing allocations. Must total 100.)

You can still just pass a simple listing without weights in the Stocks in Portfolio field: Use “AAPL,MSFT” for equal allocations.



A great thank you @ManFromGlad for this tool improvement :slight_smile: !

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Thank you for your great tool!

You can also enter decimals for the weights.

Unfortunately there is a bug in the listing if you want to enter a new item with a zero:


It takes any - I assume from the last Darwin from the list - weight and of course runs over 100 in the list before optimization.

What did I? I entered the last calculation results including the Darwins which were removed.

Can that be fixed? That would be great. The you could see the effect against the last calculation a day, a week or a month ago.

Edit: the calculation is correct, also for new Darwins.

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I have added support for zero allocations, effectively allowing you to see (in hindsight) the effect of adding another Darwin in your portfolio.

BTW, just a note: I only update the Darwinex historical pricing that I use once a week (on Fridays) so any attempts to compare the analysis from one day to the next will have no effect. I would not attempt to use this tool for analysis such as that.

Thank you for your feedback.



Fully agree with your update sequence. IMO it doesn’t make sense to calibrate a portfolio daily.

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nice tool, I tested, for me equal weigthed is best choice, but I would offer new feature for this great tool:
without providing any darwin, tool could do calculation and find uncorelated darwins automaticaly with best return ration. as user you set how many darwins you want to allocate your fund, than the tools find these best darwins. It will take longer for waiting, but sure it would be very valuable for investors. Also compound interested option would be nice to see to how profit grow

Looks like something is broken, I assume there is currently a data error:

Can you send me the data that you are placing in the fields? I am unable to duplicate this problem for the symbols: xjt,xei,tmb,len,eww,bgv,act



And you’re right. If I remove the zeroes for the new allocations on the Darwins, it works.
The reason for the zeroes was that there were existing allocations which I removed.

Edit: it also works if I leave one existing allocation in the list.