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DARWIN API Tutorials & Documentation

Hi everyone,

Firstly, apologies for the absence, we’ve simply been doing the best we can with the resources we have.

Our loyal community is extremely important to us, and we’ll endeavour to keep an active forum presence again, as best as possible given the resources we have - no worries :thumbsup:

As you’re probably aware, our amazing API Crew has recently made available on the platform, the DARWIN Info, Quotes and WebSocket APIs in Beta status for the time being.

Alongside this development, you may also be aware that we’ve been actively engineering content in the form of YouTube video tutorials and accompanying source code in Python and R for both the existing Darwinex community and the algorithmic trading community as a whole.

We’ve been organizing everything via YouTube playlists and associated source code on GitHub.

However, given the volume of educational content now available to API users (and this is roadmapped to grow a lot more in the coming months), we thought a slightly neater layer of organisation would make it even easier for the Darwinex Community to benefit from everything.


In addition to the YouTube playlists and GitHub repositories you already have access to, you may now also access all DARWIN API Tutorials via the following link (please click the image):

This enables us to categorize everything for you in one place, leveraging existing YouTube and GitHub infrastructure. It also means we can implement convenient link placement to take you directly to content you’re searching for.

As always please feel free to submit your ideas and feedback! :pray:

Thank you.

The Darwinex Labs Team