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Darwin coalitions

I would like to be able to maybe join forces between different darwins managers and be able to merge the results into one. However, this is not possible today, since assuming that a corporate account with several managers is created, these managers could see the history of operations and analyze them to try to get an idea of ​​the system.

It would be ideal that, in the same way that in Darwinian nature alliances are necessary to survive, different Darwins could unite their results in some way but without revealing their way of working between them.

Thus, a Darwin that operates breaks but does not have activity in side markets, could join with a Darwin that operates in range.

Now someone will say that this is easy, since investors, by choosing different darwins, are already “merging” them. I mean something else. To be able to really merge them and average their scores so that it shows up as a unique Darwin.

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