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Darwin PDC

Hello guys,

I hope everybody is fine. I didn’t talk on the forum the last few month. Today i will introduce my new Darwin PDC.

I wrote a post on March 25th to introduce my last darwin UPX created with Pure Pip Producer. After 2 month trading, we figured out that our strategy wasn’t compatible with Darwinex risk manager. Due to the high volatility during the crisis we had such a high VaR. Our trading account was positive but the Darwin was negative.
As we didn’t want to be trapped, we’ve decided to create a new account in dollars with a new strategy that pyramid trades instead of averaging down.

Now, i will talk about the new Darwin PDC. I’m still working on this project with Pure Pip Producer. With his 10 years’ experience, he’s the main trader and i totally trust him.

So, PDC for “Polyphasic Defense of Capital”.
It means that we will operate using 3 different ways to get the best profit.

Third of the time, we will extract pure pips from the forex market, without using any artifice, especially trading major pairs.
The goal is around 200 pips.
Once we reach it, we stop trading.


As we stop on a high water mark, we will not be trading for the rest of the month.

For us, overtrading is a mistake. So this is the second phase: resting and analysing the market for the two-thirds of the time.

On very rare occasions, we will be able to catch “a positive black swan”. It means having a position without take profit until Friday 22:59. This phase should happen 0.1 % of the time.

We already have a 3 month trackrecord. We reached our goal every month and our max DD is 1.94%.
It looks like a short trackrecord but Pure Pip Producer have in total 2 years of Darwinex track-record on others profils.

We totally trust PDC strategy, that’s why we are our first investor.

I will keep posting on the forum until the end and then keep updating on Slack.

If you have further questions, you can talk with me here.



Hi everybody,

I would like to explain the best point of our strategy showing you 2 pictures.

We have a unique strategy because we operate everytime with constant lot.

Here 2 pictures to show you.

You can see that we only open a second position when the first one won.

It’s the opposite to averaging down.
@SteadyWins i’m sure you will understand :upside_down_face:

Just watch the difference on this second picture.

All these strategies end up losing.



Yes, you’re scaling in:

Your Darwin PDC looks nice and promising. :ok_hand:


To add: Second picture is from another strategy (not PDC) using averaging down.


yes, the second picture is from an other darwin. But i don’t want to name it.
Just to show the difference between both strategies.



Nice system you have and I will follow it as I’m not investing in any systems with less than 12 months track record.

Even without pushing some other Darwins down can you show how good your system is.

(Btw no to hard find the Darwin you comment on ).

As I said I will follow your PDC system.