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DARWIN with multiple trading accounts

Hi, I’m new to the community :wave: I was investing few years back, realizing that my peanut investment won’t get me anywhere, I learned a trading system and am getting started as a trader in Darwinex, hoping to create a good DARWIN.

I have one question though, my trading system requires wide range of markets to trade because good quality setups are not common. But I noticed that when I create a new trading account, I have to select either forex, crypto or stocks. Is it possible to create a single DARWIN with multiple trading accounts linked? I’m still funding my account and obviously not enough % experience to create a DARWIN so I couldn’t find out.

Hi @bachew and welcome to the community!

At the current time it’s not possible to create a DARWIN combining multiple trading accounts. Currently, you could create an “FX, Index and Commodity CFD” DARWIN and a separate “Stock CFD” DARWIN.

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Yea, I guess I’ll have to do that, the major downside is having to further split my peanuts into 3 portions. :thinking:

Thanks for the info!

Not sure you understood clearly, as you said 3 portions.
You can have one account for trading cfd based on stocks and another one for all other products, which makes 2 accounts.
Hope this helps.

Yup, I understood and aligned with what you’ve described. Thanks