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Darwinex and GBP/USD spread

I downloaded ticks from MetaTrader 5. I see the following spreads:

So it should be? Do you really quote GBP/USD? :grimacing:

Additional images:

Dear @Gelium,

As you may know, our tick data can be downloaded for free from our website: I sent you a private message with credentials so you can download our tick data.

In regard to the screenshots you posted, you seem to be posting screenshots for spreads during volatile market conditions / around market close when liquidity is rather thin and spreads tend to widen (e.g. Brexit).

As you probably are aware, we are non market making broker granting access to interbank liquidity. Also, as you certainly know, spreads in interbank liquidity widen during news releases and around market close, so wider expected can be expected during news releases and during market conditions with low liquidity.

I encourage you to visit to see real time spread comparison, which will probably help to understand why Darwinex is rated as one of the top traders by its users.

I hope the above proves helpful, happy to assist you should you need further assistance.


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Thank you for your prompt reply. I will download the tick history and re-do all the calculations for the pound for the rating of brokers. On the results I will write in this thread. I analyze the tick history of 11 brokers. No one has anything like that on the pound.

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The data in MetaTrader 5 is not the same as the data on ftp. Therefore, the examples with graphs above are not relevant. In no case can you optimize strategies for data from MetaTrader 5. Because the real trade will be on other data. This is a terrible approach. Because during real trading there will be losses.

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Calculation based on MetaTrader data:

Calculation on a database with ftp:

Be careful!

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Is the FTP data similar to the one of MT4 at least ? The live feed from MT5 is slightly different from MT4 so the historically prices should also differ a bit

In the MT4 quotes history from Darwinex. In the MT5 quotes history from MetaQuotes. MT5 allows accept a larger volume of quotations than MT4. Therefore, in MT4 there are always less tick volumes than in MT5.

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