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Darwinex Collective - Slack Workspace for Algorithmic R&D

Hello everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

In our efforts to make the Darwinex Community Forum a place for traders & investors from all walks of life to interact with other like-minded individuals, we’ve been trialing a few additional things recently, mostly content-driven until now.

One of these trials is a Slack workspace (called Darwinex Collective) for algorithmic traders (and enthusiasts), trading strategy developers, Zorro users, Quants using Python, R, Java, C/C++/C#, data scientists etc.

We’ve so far invited a handful of community members who we know are experienced traders as well as programmers, to help us both set it up and generate initial conversations to test functionality, create channels, and generally provide a foundation for the Slack workspace going forward.

However, as the number of traders using the DARWIN API and Python-to-MT4 ZeroMQ Bridge by @DarwinexLabs has continued to grow with time, it’s become all the more important to ensure that there is an appropriate technical environment for traders with programming backgrounds at Darwinex.

Please note: This is NOT at all a replacement for the Darwinex Community Forum (which is and will always be a great place to discuss all manner of topics).

This is in addition to the Community Forum where of course everyone is welcome, but the Discourse backend unfortunately lacks the features that would serve technical individuals such as Quants, trading strategy developers etc appropriately.

For instance, for those individuals who would like to:

  1. Tag, debug and share source code with other community members,
  2. Subscribe to and reference Darwinex GitHub repositories
  3. Give and receive feedback on strategy R&D, code snippets etc quickly
  4. Contribute towards an algorithmic trader knowledgebase (to both give and receive assistance) by simply conversing inside Slack and nothing more!
  5. Tap into the technical knowledge and experience of other members through dedicated Slack channels,
  6. Discuss / share code for DARWIN API and/or ZeroMQ related programming, debugging, etc
  7. Share backtests, feedback, workflows and more… to name a few usecases.

… a Slack workspace offers the technology to facilitate such an environment.

While it’s of course open for anyone to join - please bear in mind the following points.

The Slack workspace IS NOT a place to:

  1. Ask Help & Support related questions - these should be emailed directly to

  2. Announce new DARWINs, share opinions/views/experiences etc - these topics are for the Community Forum.

  3. “Critical evaluation” of any DARWINs, track records, performance periods, drawdowns etc - these are again topics for the Community Forum under the appropriate category.

The Slack workspace IS a place to do what fits the description in the 7 points above, or closely enough.

If you are an algorithmic trader, Quant, data scientist and/or developer, and the contents of this post appeal to you, we look forward to seeing you in the Slack workspace!

Please click on the following image / link to join:

Once you’re in, please drop by the #hangout channel and say hello, a few words regarding your background, experience, etc etc.

Thank you!

p.s. Needless to say, please keep all conversations constructive, clean and respectful. The Slack workspace will be following a much stricter code of conduct to keep the environment productive at all times, moderators reserving the right to remove any members who don’t adhere to it.


Isn’t it possible to transfer the login credentials from Darwinex like it happens with the Community?
(I hate to register new stuff…)

Hi @CavaliereVerde,

Unfortunately no… Slack is an ecosystem on its own, a collaboration environment for teams hosted on Slack’s servers.


bump… …

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I will likely join but I have to think about it a little more… :wink: