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Darwinex investors programme


I just want to ask if any out there was study the program for investor? What experience and feedbacks? Is it worth and good to start for beginner investor?



You learned to invest on your own, or from darwinex investor programm?

I’ve been here since the beginning of Darwinex.
About the investor program, my comment is very negative.
Not only for the content, but also for the person who markets it.

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Really? I was exciting on buying. You think it is not worth to pay attentention?

I want to be positive. no comment

The feedback we have received from the people taking the course has been very positive so far.

AFAIK, @RafwinSistemas has not taken the course, so I guess his review is not fully founded on solid reasons.

Have a great day everyone,

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It would be good to have some opinions from active investors, here I know only @asder34

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Hello @ignacio , they are solid reasons.
I have the complete course, this one for free on the net.
I consider it very basic and it is a platform guide.
All the blue borders are together in one place, with some investment advice.

Separate topic, who distributes it “Y.R.” I do not even want to enter

you already know another. :sweat_smile:

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Where to get the free course?

Paying 180 should not be a problem if it makes the difference. :slight_smile:

Even basic content can have a value if it is well presented, the point is that if you are investing since 6 months probably you already know the basics.
The real question is if it has any worth for non beginners.

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This is a quote from my thread about my portfolio. In short if you dont know much about darwinex and you plan to invest an amount of money that makes 178E seem little then I would say go for it.

Now lets say that you want to invest 500E - then I guess the 178E is a pretty big amount to sacrifice for any course in comparison…

Lastly, dont expect that this course alone will make you capable of winning in darwinex by itself. I dont know what will to be honest but all in all, its a good start.

In my opinion - and this is my opinion only - this guide should be offered for free to any new real money investor in darwinex. I think I saw that in every new investors webinar darwinex gives away 3 such courses for free (or something like that). Unfortunately its too late for me cause I have already bought it but everyone that does not have it should go register on those webminars :slight_smile:


Darwins are hedge funds … :wink:

If I have to pay I prefer a traditional book made of paper.

Probably you can find everything on the web, but on the web good stuff is always mixed with crap.

Books can make the difference.
Without books I would not be a profitable trader, so if it worked with trading it shoud work also for investing…:thinking:


Sure. I dont need quidance I just would like to know new methods and tactics for investing


It is Darwinex who has to spread the free content.
I will not be the one who spreads a paid content for free

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Not trying to appear greedy (I’ve bought maybe $5000 of tools, courses and books lifetime) but I always found it curious that it was not released for free. Since the effort was produced of a supposidly quality content that helps to master Darwinex and extract more results from it (translating into income for Darwinex), isn’t it counter-productive to not diffuse it openly without a price tag ? Scratching my head on this one


200% agree.

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At least, you can try to win that subscription during one of the introduction webinars with Jesus. Tried it once but failed at the lottery :sweat_smile:

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The point is not paying 180 , I lost 1800 investing so far but I am almost sure that it would not make the difference.
We need advanced content not basic.

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Now I understand there is an external contractor involved, which can explain the price tag. We can also imagine more courses are to be expected from this academy over time, still relying on acredited 3rd parties ?
Also it seems the lush format (interactive / gamification) could also justify it.