CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 66 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Darwinex investors programme

200% agree.

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At least, you can try to win that subscription during one of the introduction webinars with Jesus. Tried it once but failed at the lottery :sweat_smile:

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The point is not paying 180 , I lost 1800 investing so far but I am almost sure that it would not make the difference.
We need advanced content not basic.

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Now I understand there is an external contractor involved, which can explain the price tag. We can also imagine more courses are to be expected from this academy over time, still relying on acredited 3rd parties ?
Also it seems the lush format (interactive / gamification) could also justify it.


At this moment I prefer to believe to @RafwinSistemas but if someone or the authors can prove me that they are making money with a passive portfolio since one year I can change my mind.

It is the same for trading, too many courses and too few profitable traders with a trackrecord…


That was the spirit mind I was referring to in our Manifesto with the suggestion (for us, as traders) to help (freely) investors (as the goal is to benefit from best investors/investments, as you mention it !).

Don’t want to debate/explain it, as Darwinex team should do it instead, but, from what is published / I understood : ForexDuet / Darwinizate is a long-term partner of Darwinex.


The point is : it tells me something I don’t already know or it is just reheated soup?
With the same money I can buy at least 5 books about hedge funds.


I’ll attest I did learn 1 or 2 things from the introduction webinar of Jesus: minor things I didn’t pay attention to before.
I’m just wondering if it’s right to pay to apprehend the fundamentals of the main tool / product (platform) since it’s not really optional to skip this part. Although, it now became quite common online to be sold a software and instructions to handle it separatly.

It’s true I’d rather be inclined to pay for :

  • advanced tools, like the VaR calculator we’ve been promised a long time ago, or the historical data manager whose release has been pushed away
  • advanced topic tuitions
    Confusingly, those started by @Integracore around the API and Python coding, in my mind, could be worth some money if a full series was to be packaged approprietly.
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Deep inside, I don’t feel like the Darwinex people are more in the position than (some of) us will be to find the key to success on Darwinex. After all, now the platform is opened (API), and even though lots of them have a great trading knowledge acquired from a personal experience, plus access to more “insider” data, they occupy the duty of being architects of a solution, and we occupy the traders/investors’ seat. We are more numerous, we may spend more time at the task, some gifted people will be more skilled.
As much as I’d like to say the opposite, Darwinex probably cannot be taken accountable to teach us how to win, or release a magical DWEX. They provide the means but isn’t the rest mostly beyond their power?
@SECURIX you must have the right attitude : the most help we’ll get will be amongst us, for those who are keen to cooperate or share their findings.

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Maybe they don’t have the magical DWEX but they could be more open about their investing, if it is so diffcult let’s work sharing failures and successes.
We invest our own money in DARWINs.
And share all that we learn in the investment process via our research laboratory, DarwinexLabs.


That part would be interesting, what was learned from the experience, which modelization/predicition difficulties were met, etc.

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@EvidenceAlpha @CavaliereVerde :

I admit I haven’t followed up the DWEX matter since its beginning.

Meanwhile, when I sort all the data gathered about the Darwinex (internal and external) ecosystem : DWEX, ForexDuet, Darwinizate, Darwinex Education, etc., I’m tempted to ask :

DWEX == “Darwinex Explorer” ?

Don’t want to over extrapolate, but can’t avoid to point it.

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Dwex was an investable dynamic portfolio managed by darwinex, it had real investors.

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What I meant :

On one side, we have the original DWEX :

On other side, we have a "third-party" tool (“Darwinex Explorer”) :

Meanwhile, the original project seemed “abandoned”.

A few months ago, appears what is certainly an independent tool, but with the same core function (DARWINs scanner).

For this statement, I don’t focus on tool details, I focus on tool purposes.

But, I insist : I don’t want to over extrapolate, just find a certain “similarity” :slight_smile: .

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If you read the old discussion you understend that I have been very critic about how has been managed.
It is very diffcult to build a profitable portfolio, but it is sad that they gave up, hiding its trackrecord is even sadder, like traders hiding their losing stuff.

You have done some archeology on twitter but ther were also videos on youtube and blog articles…


I read indeed previous discussions about DWEX, and also found some previous/deleted content.

That’s why DWEX remained in my to-study list :smile: .

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Internet never forgets? :wink: :male_detective:

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I think that if I have to pay for educational content I want some proof that it will make the difference.

At the moment Darwinex hasn’t proven that is possible to make money with darwins.
The API is a way to subcontract it to customers.
The closest thing to an official portfolio is the “Model Portfolio” of the home page but it is just a backtest not a live performance.

Are investors willing to become Python programmers?
I have a friend that is a good Python programmer and quant but he has less money to invest than me! :smiley:

Darwinex main competitor is eToro and eToro is giving to investors some live portfolios with a live profitable trackrecord.
They started to work on this idea back in 2013: ( I am good at archeology :wink: )
Now this is the result:
live since 2016, difficult but doable.


Thanks for this great archaeological excavation :smile: !
I’m going to study it !

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2013 and 2014 is not shown (etoro will know why) and 2015 and 2016 results are from backtesting.
Sorry, I can’t read that as a serious presentation how to make money with etoro, more another try to trap potential investors with incomplete information.