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Darwinex Labs and integracore2 - The Way Forward

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

As some (or all) of you may be aware, Darwinex Labs was officially announced this morning.

For details, please visit:

Myself (Ali Saif -> @integracore2) and Javier Colon (@javicolonbo - the cerebral cortex of everything Darwinex) are heading the department’s various Quant R&D activities together.

We excitedly look forward to the experience, as well as the opportunity to demonstrate how powerful the DARWIN Asset Class truly is for the financial trading and investing landscape, globally.

The launch of the DWC Darwin is a testament to the ideology behind Darwinex Labs. In the coming days, weeks and months, we will iteratively publish a lot of the R&D that led to its creation, as well as several other ongoing efforts we have in the pipeline as @juancolonbo mentioned in the announcement blog post.

More on the above with time :thumbsup:

Many of you have kindly followed my work here for the Darwinex Community over time.

I have always been a big believer in the Darwinex Mission, and sincerely hope my contributions here on the forum and the Darwinex Blog have helped shed light on the sheer number of possibilities we all have in the DARWIN and otherwise trading world.

It is an honour to be part of the Darwinex Trader Movement, and a sheer privilege to now work together on Darwinex Labs with some of the most brilliant minds and souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering in life.

From this point forward, my posting habits on the forum will change slightly.

Any posts to do with Darwinex Labs, myself and Javier Colon will jointly post via @DarwinexLabs

Any of my own posts (e.g. portfolio thread, DARWIN threads etc), I will continue to post as @integracore2

Kindly tag @DarwinexLabs when directing any and all questions/queries/etc regarding Darwinex Labs, and we will always respond as soon as we can with answers/updates.

Here’s to an exciting future!