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Darwinex Model Portfolio

Finally we have a good landing page for investors and a nice selection from Darwinex
This is a good reference for every buy and hold investor.
It would have been easy to combine the highest returns or highest DScores to create a useless lucky overfit.
This is not this case, there is much more behind this selection.


This page looks neat.
Great for the investors!


I just wanted to point out a difference between the actual and the screenshot used on Twitter:
The only exception to alphabetical order…
Devil is in details… :smiling_imp:


Hahaha hawk-eyes :grin:

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In my opinion this portfolio and this page is the answer from Darwinex to new or lazy investors, they give you a selection and the backtester.

The backtester works only with native and public trackrecord so it is “migration proof”.
Than thay suggest you to browse the “top traders” in the Hall of Fame, no hghest return, neither highest DScore, neither Darwinia…

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I am really courious to see what will Darwinex do with VSA .
The darwin is very good but ssems to be full and divergence has gone to an insane -1.99% .

So how to deal with full darwins?
An interesting tactic would be to wait for other investors to leave. :wink:

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That’s a general problem with the model portfolio that too many Darwins have a divergence warning.

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BTW the backtester shows only live and net results, warnings are just… warnings…
What matters is net result.

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Look to the Model Portfolio, it has been piublished at the beginning of July, I like it and it makes a lot of sense BUT… since 1/7/2019 the net result is -2.5% for 2 months and without leverage.

Neither a wide diversified portfolio makes money every quarter.

Spring cleaning for the Model Portfolio .
The old one had 10% return in 2 years and a loss of 10% since the inception on July 2019 .

The new one has only 10 darwins and shows a nice +26% in 2 years.
This is the difference between a backtest and a portfolio, hindsight and survivorship bias.

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Investors roadrunners HFD and THA are not included, but the founder‘s ULI (with 48% performance, good job!).

The single charts below still show QUA which is left orphan since middle of last year after producing losses.

HFD is included
ULI has 28%

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You’re right, don’t know why I didn’t see HFD at the bottom of the list. Maybe I didn’t want to see it as it is currently the worst loser on my demo portfolio with 6.8% DD. :smirk:

-OOA ; they realized it was inactive and with 0 equity
+TDD ; buying high is great to generate spectacular backtests

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It seems neither Darwinex is able to do that.
Their first backtest of 20 darwins returned -10% in 8 months.
The current backtest returned -3% from its inception on February.

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Even if can be emotionally uncomfortable, Darwinex shouldn’t take any manually selected veterans for their backtest but something like the top 20 (the backtester doesn’t accept more) by D-Score or another Darwinex related selection with a short maintenance period ( best would be daily).

If any unproven alphas are selected manually again it would be the same disaster.

LVS has burned significantly more than the profit of the last 2 years in the last 8 consecutive losing months but is still shown there as 1 of 3 references.

Do you think an investment company would do that to attract investors?

I think that Darwinex should prove that investing darwins can be profitable.
Removing the losers is easy, unfortunatelly it doesn’t remove the loss…
Showing a different backtest once a day would be a joke.

When you will prove that rotating a portfolio once per day can make money they can use your result to market DScore. :slight_smile:


Maybe that can be done with the new D-Score which was discussed weeks ago.

I myself would be surprised if it works really successful with the current one for months. I don’t expect exiting profit on my demo portfolio, more even and light profit.

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Here we can see the difference between past return and future performance, the black line is the inception of the portfolio.


Do you have some exit points in your model?