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Darwinex should sue this scammer

…forging its adwords based on “Darwinex” google searches :

I noticed amongst a lot of brokers / companies searches that it mainly targets “Darwinex” google searches…

The scammer :


Lame ! those businesses who claim to get your money back from scam brokers charge fixed expenses with no guarantee of results / no refunds planned. They got plenty of desperate souls to help for a fee !
Poney trick ! Darwinex is on no regulator “black list”.


This is not better


I think they just look at trending searches like “is XYZ scam” and pluck most popular XYZ and run ads on them. I doubt it is a personal targeting of Darwinex. They are probably simply losing money on this particular ad, because I highly doubt that anyone who has problems with Darwinex (if those exist) will turn to random third parties for such services - supposing that we have somewhat financially literate people here.

Edit: My most petty way of punishing such ads is simply clicking on them multiple times :smiley: Let them lose money, even if it is a few cents


Ahh, but you see, that doesn’t work! When your behavior deviates from the norm too much, programs detect that stuff and discount you completely. So you gotta strike a balance -> hence, multiple natural clicks :smile:

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I remember this “trick” done by competing companies against each other :joy:

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Two comments :

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It seems a mismatch that stayed

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