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Darwinex site and MT4 feed unavailable

Hi there,

A few minutes ago I lost all feed from MT4 and lost all access to the Darwinex site.
Was wondering if some of you got the same ?

Were there any technical issues on Darwinex site ? Seems like it was good on my end.

Kind regards.

If this affects your live accounts, please reach out to the team using the emergency method. I’m afraid we’re not able to offer this kind of support here on the forum. Thank you!

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I’ve contacted Darwinex through the form. Will receive an answer in 24 hours.
No trades were affected though, just curious if anyone else experienced this.

Mobile phone feed was offline also for a couple of minutes.

Kind regards.

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you could check your computer system logs to see if there is any more detailed information.

if you lost the connection on another device also at the same time then it is likely that there was another issue outside of what darwinex provides.


Thanks for the advice :+1:
Have send the logs to Darwinex, will update on the outcome.

Kind regards

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With the help of Darwinex support we have pinpointed the issue to the use of a custom indicator.
Probably a bug of something on my end. Will monitor the result.

Thanks again for your advice :+1:


there you go :slight_smile:

sometimes it’s a operating system issue pointing towards your network, other times it may be some program that is crashing and that it can be timed and blamed for performance.

the logs do show many things.