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DarwinexLabs prop investing. Can they see traders equities when over 10k?

For a standard investor, when traders equity is over 10k all that can be seen is “>10k”

Does DarwinexLabs have access to exact amount of a traders equity when it is over 10k?

May I ask why you feel this is important?

Mostly curious. It seems like a trader is more likely to be the “real deal” if they are using more of the capacity on their own strategies. DarwinexLabs might have an advantage to see which traders are trading with 11k and which are trading with 250k.

Is the list of Darwins that DarwinexLabs is currently prop investing in publicly available by chance?

Hi Bendex,

I don’t mess with D-labs so I can’t answer that. It’s a very interesting question and I for one would like to see stats on the study. With that said, and you probably already know, that Darwins are more for small account traders to get recognition so I’m not too sure you’ll have enough samples to draw conclusions from but I’ve been wrong before.

I don’t think many large traders would bother with Darwins as it’s too restrictive IMHO; you have to change a few things, and the Darwin system seem to favor more frequent activity than less frequent activity which is what many large traders engage in. I think that’s part of the problem of why it’s so hard to find real deals and why you have DarwinIA fishing activities. What is a large enough account for you to say that person is the real deal? I ask because Karen supertrader and James Cordier both had a lot of money but neither was the real deal.

From my own experience, I think there are other key metrics that are telling of the real deal than account equity size. Such metrics are risk to return and length of track record. Getting to know the trader also helps. If there’s anything I learned from Fundseeder, it’s that traders with small accounts can trade just as well, if not better, as those with large accounts.

Lastly, I’d like to say that there are many reasons why you wouldn’t see the full capacity of some Darwinex traders, reasons that have been posted on other threads. As for myself, I mirror my Darwin strategy in another broker with $10k because quite frankly there are less restrictions and I can make more money there than I can trading my Darwin–because currently D-score will keep me invisible to early investors for many, many years and there’s nothing I can do about it unless I force myself to trade more (and if you look at my record, that proved to be a disastrous decision). Importing history would help a little but it’s not supported yet–but I digress.

Good luck with your research and I’m sorry I added no value to your questions.