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Darwinia contest for cadets

What about creating a second contest for darwins with Ex below 6 ?

Something like the Promising filter, with Ex > 6 you cannot be Promising anymore only Good Scores.


Yes, 100 times yes. This would basically resolve everything I’ve been having a meltdown about over the last few days :joy:


HAHA or just make it for Swing traders with high Cp and low Ex :stuck_out_tongue:


My (Mc) grade is voting “yes” to this one @CavaliereVerde :slight_smile:

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Swing traders or long term traders are certainly better than martingales imo. For me longer term traders with good capacity is what we need to take Darwinex to the next level in terms of investment.


sure, my answer was not to make fun of swing traders :wink: Anyway i don’t think something like this will come :smile: It would encourage people even more to create hundreds of Darwins, since a few of them might perform well for some time… :slight_smile:


I agree but people is already spitting darwins like a machine gun at a rate of fire of 30 per week. :smiley:
I don’t need it personally but there is people that cannot design high frequency systems.
BTW if you count Promising darwins they are half than Good Scores .
It is up to Darwinex if prizing high quality low significance systems would speed up the growth.


Great idea! I also thought about that point 2 weeks ago. 10 or 20 % of the established DarwinIA amount would be sufficient for each rank for the cadets (great name for that!). It would help the traders of young Darwins to stay tuned and consistent in their strategy, because the cadet’s DarwinIA amount suggested above would be usually much more than the AuM of investors in young Darwins.

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And what about deleting darwinia at all , cause it’s only a advertising tool.

DarwinIA is not only an advertising tool, it helps - maybe only a few - traders to stay at Darwinex as a full time trader.


The difference between marketing by darwinex and other platforms is that darwinex gives priority to attract traders, while the others target noob investors trying to sell them fake traders.

You’re rignt about that but it’s not the probleme; the question is the utility of darwinia.

Unfortunetly there are barely a dozen of traders who can benefit and darwinex can’t survive only with them

The question si: if the majority of traders wins, how can darwinex is going to pay them? Smth tells me the contrary. Guess what .

Darwinia is very useful when you have a profitable system and you don’t have 3-4 years of trackrecord.
When you have a long trackrecord you dont need the contest anymore.
Maybe we have just 20 or 30 true traders, without darwinia they would be one half.
The majority loses so there are no problems… :smiley:


I definitely think DarwinIA needs to stay, its a huge attraction for new traders. I myself originally joined because of the fact its possible to get investment.

However I do think Darwinex has reached a size recently where maybe it might need some tweaking. Its great to see the platform growing but maybe the quantity of Darwins has outgrown the current DarwinIA model? I’m not really sure, just thinking out loud as it were.


When i arrived at the beginning of 2015 i think there were less than 5 true traders.
This is the right place to look:

Probably they are finding 4 true traders per year.
If with a minor contest they find 6/year it would be justified.


Agreed. I think Darwinex Lab’s investment is a great addition. More like a managed fund of funds or prop trading kind of model. It would be good to know how much investment its putting in and where but I think thats still being decided/developed?


Darwinia is very important for serious traders, I donot care most of my Darwins will need another 3-6 months to begin to win it, I aim to very long term, I want to win the prizes… these money stays for six months without hesitation…


I agree, for many it’s the first time they get external investment, it’s a big selling point for the platform. Also by nature most traders are competitive people so the competition element gets fun :wink: