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Darwinia FAQ

Yes but you cannot recover one empy week adding trades the last day of the month. :wink:

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hmm, so you have to trade every week. So it is calculated on weekly basis? and then added together for whole month?

So I have digged deeper on this after reading @CavaliereVerde’s experience and you are both right on this!

The data underlying the Regularity (and D- score ) part of the rating is updated only 1x per day, so those two parameters of the rating don’t change throughout the day.

Which means that, as @jekadril points out, the last trading day is not taken into account in the final rating. There’s no solution to this that would really convince us.

However, we’re introducing a change to the Regularity part of the rating from this edition forward which may indirectly solve this problem. Was going to post today about it which I’ll do shortly.


In order to obtain a 100% in Regularity, a DARWIN’s market exposition in the current month must reach at least its average market exposition in the previous 3 months. Market exposition for Regularity gets calculated in the same way it gets calculated for the Experience attribute.

Also for February you activity was 90% while on January it was 97%.
After 4 years of partecipating Darwinia I can say that it is advised to trade every week, vacations would end in a suboptimal Regularity of 90% or worse.
Maybe sometimes it is safer to pull out the plug but it is not good for the contest.

Hi Bianka,

Yes, I think it must be fixed, otherwise it is not one month contest if the last day is not calculated.

Bumer for me, I needed that last day to squeeze into 80th place. :slight_smile:

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You don’t really know that because you don’t know how other Darwins are evaluated with the change/fix. Maybe that’s in favour more for another one than yours :wink:

yes, I do not know. But I was expecting regularity increase same as day before, around 3% and with that Darwinia score would be over 80. Maybe it would be enough, maybe not.

I think I will try to sum duration of all my trades this month, I still do not understand why regularity is smaller compared to last 3 months and I traded much more.

The number of trades is not the only criterion, as not all trades are evaluated in the same way. As I understand it, it depends on D-Periods in the same way as with the Ex attribute.

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I’ve seen your DARWIn landed 93rd… ouch! You did a great month! Keep up the good trading! :muscle:


Thanks for your confirmation. What do you think about the solvency risk created by Darwinia. Say I’m a good trader or good investor that picked out the Darwin’s well. But when I decide to cash out and withdraw, I can’t because there were a large pool of poor traders that came in that was awarded large sum of Darwinia pooled fund and lost money? I don’t want my own money being penalized because of other trader’s performance

DarwinIA has only a notional allocation, no real investments. Darwinex does not lose a cent if the trader loses a fortune.
The prizes are paid from other sources, like commisions.


Thanks for your reply and help me understand. Then, there is an inherit conflict of interest with the Darwinia system. I guess Darwinex will lose out when a whole bunch of profitable traders are awarded a Darwinia allocation because Darwinex only gets a 5% performance fee but need to payout 15% performance fee to the traders for profitable trading from its Darwinia allocated funds. Not that all traders awarded Darwinia allocations will make a profit, but this do fundamentally poses a conflict of interest on Darwinex in its design of algorithm to allocate Darwinia Fund. I guess when this day do happens meaning Darwinia’s system of allocating funds do possess an edge in finding profitable traders, the Darwinia prize pool will gradually diminish. So as time goes by, the only way for Darwinex to make back profit to continue funding its Darwinia prize pool is to hopefully have most investors investing in the top Traders who have the maximum AuM.

I hope I am not putting anything in bad light here, but just want to understand the current Darwinex pivot/landscape we are all operating in.

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If you have time, just test your thoughts:
Go to the DarwinIA page

Then select a month which is more than 6 months ago.
Then check the traders’ performance after 3 and after 6 months after they had won the prizes.
Take 20 % of their performance after 3 and after 6 months and add it. Multiply it with the prize they won and you have it.

I’d appriciate if you would publish your result. :wink:

I don’t see a conflict of interest as Darwinex has no interest in losing traders. And Darwinex can do and will do nothing as disadvantage for a trader who had won a DarwinIA prize.

To make a significant amount of money with DarwinIA prizes is much harder than most traders believe. One successful month is not enough, you need seven consecutive profitable months.

I only went the easier way looking at the hall of fame here from time to time. DarwinIA payments are included there.


Think of DarwinIA like Darwinex’s seed allocation programme to help providers go from one investor to two investors.

Or think of it as the flight simulator that helps the pilot learn how to fly the jet (=how to trade with AuM allocated to your strategy).

Note: DarwinIA is no investment advice as Darwinex does not pretend to make money with it.


Hello, @bianka many thanks, I have noticed, after the new Darwins were introduced my Darwin has disappeared from Darwinia rankings, once in a while it will pop up there but mostly nowhere to be found, including in Darwinia search. Is it something you are aware of and taking measures?

PS Darwin ticker is QPF


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QPF is out because of high divergence : - 0.59%


The threshold is defined as 1% in new 6.5% Darwins. Mind you, even when it was above -1% is was still in Darwinia until recently.

PS: this is a totally random value, as execution in Darwin is anything but stable - it can give -0.5 pts to +0.5 pts diverence, then out of blue +7 or -7 pts. Same volume. Until last day the minimum position size for investor was 0.1 lot which resulted in risk varying widely comparing to the 0.01 granilarity in the trading account, now oivernight it switched to 0.01. No any information or update from Darwinex.

@bianka any comment?

-1% is the limit for investors, new limit for Darwinia is -0.4% (former was -0.5%)

BTW today QPF was at -0.24% and ended at position 198 .