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Darwinia FAQ

Hello, @bianka many thanks, I have noticed, after the new Darwins were introduced my Darwin has disappeared from Darwinia rankings, once in a while it will pop up there but mostly nowhere to be found, including in Darwinia search. Is it something you are aware of and taking measures?

PS Darwin ticker is QPF


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QPF is out because of high divergence : - 0.59%


The threshold is defined as 1% in new 6.5% Darwins. Mind you, even when it was above -1% is was still in Darwinia until recently.

PS: this is a totally random value, as execution in Darwin is anything but stable - it can give -0.5 pts to +0.5 pts diverence, then out of blue +7 or -7 pts. Same volume. Until last day the minimum position size for investor was 0.1 lot which resulted in risk varying widely comparing to the 0.01 granilarity in the trading account, now oivernight it switched to 0.01. No any information or update from Darwinex.

@bianka any comment?

-1% is the limit for investors, new limit for Darwinia is -0.4% (former was -0.5%)

BTW today QPF was at -0.24% and ended at position 198 .


As announced in the topic about the new D-Score, Darwinex accompanies the new D-Score with modifications to the criteria for participating in DarwinIA.

From the September 2020 edition, the following 4 restrictions will be added:

  • Mc < 3. A DARWIN won’t be ranked on the DarwinIA leaderboard while its Market correlation score is lower than 3.
  • Rs < 3. A DARWIN won’t be ranked on the DarwinIA leaderboard while its Risk stability score is lower than 3.
  • Monthly return < 0%. A DARWIN won’t be ranked on the DarwinIA leaderboard while its monthly return is negative.
  • DarwinIA allocation > € 500,000. A DARWIN won’t be ranked on the DarwinIA leaderboard while its accumulated DarwinIA allocation is higher than € 500,000.

Visit Darwinex Docs – DarwinIA to check out all excluding factors.


just to clarify, if the Monthly return goes from negative to positive will the Darwin then be included and vice versa?

Yes, the exclusion only applies while the monthly return is negative.

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It is exacctly like existing exclusion criteria.
Like correlation or divergence, the last update of the month matters, if you fulfill you are in if not you are out.
I think the exclusion for negative return makes sense but it will cause some dangerous rushes of the last day.


okay so with my darwin, because I’m currently in the red this month, I would be excluded unless I manage to turn positive?

I think I understand now, thanks :+1:


@Bianka I have found 5 darwins with negative August return among Darwinia winners.I thought this will not be allowed anymore.THA,SYO,TDD,BGE and VVC.

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The new filters are starting from September.



Where can we read about September 2020 list?


You have to select “September 2020” but the list is empty and by the way temporary ranking is mostly useless/emotional and completely irrilevant during the first days of the month.

Do the allocation change during the month?
As I understand new allocation is created per month?

Yes. On the 1st of each month the competition starts from 0 AGAIN. Darwinex will distribute again the same allocation figure of 7.5M euros among the first 120 participants.

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Have any stock traders already received prize money in DarwiniA?

Yes, I know of JNL as an example.

(The feature to filter stock darwins has already been selected for development.)

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Oh … I thought I’d be the first :thinking: :grinning:

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