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Darwinia Ranking View of Darwins

Hi Community

Whilst my Darwin doesn’t seem to align with the Darwinia ranking criteria, my vanity still causes me to take a peek now and again :upside_down_face:

When I filter my Darwin I’m often WAY down the list however I would like to view who is above me and who is below me so I can sanity check my position (i.e. i might be making returns but they have a higher Darwinia ranking score due to how they are measured but are not making returns).

So at the moment when I search I might be ranked at 1500 but I can only see myself and not others.

I know you can scroll but I’m often so far down the list it resets after 300 or so…



You could use a filter to exclude all Darwins except ones near your D-Score.

It’s a little ironic Darwinex in all it’s infinite technology failed to put in a pagination setting so we can properly display larger data sets.

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Thanks bendex, I’ll give that a try. :wink:


Sorry, but this is not possible at the current time. It’s an interesting need though… you may want to post it in the #site-feedback:suggestions category so we can see if it gets traction. In any case, I’ll share it with the wider team!

Mmm, I don’t think it’s possible to apply filters to the DarwinIA ranking, is it?

Oops, right, no I don’t think so.