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Darwinia VIP edition

Why not to prize people with a significant and native trackrecord with a dedicated contest?


I agree something like levels, the traders who perform well in first level (in quarter or year) will be moved to next levels with more fund. This way consistent and skilled darwin will be rewarded and might be useful for investor too, while non performing darwins will be filtered out in level 1 or 2.

My idea was more about YEARS non quarters. :wink:
Something like trackrecords with more than 2 years native.

I just edited it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:

I have been thinking about some kind of contest where, instead of getting AuM allocation, the “prize” for the Top X Darwins each month would be to be included in a new @DarwinexLabs community Darwin, that would work a bit as followed [let’s called it NCD (new community darwin) for the sake of argument].

The first month of the new contest, NCD buys the Top X finishing Darwins with a holding period of Y months.
The following months, if a Darwin finishes in Top X, it is either added to NCD, or if it’s already in NCD, the holding period gets extended by 1 month.
If a Darwin doesn’t make it in the Top X for Y months in a row, NCD sells it.

So maybe the parameters of such contest could be as you describe: limited to participants with a significant and native track record.

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Substitute NCD with DWEX

Once upon a time there were DWEX… :smiling_imp:

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