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Darwinia: why is my darwin excluded?

I thought that when there is a correlation above 0.8 the darwin with the best Dscore get to be in darwinia: so I don’t understand why BSL is escluded:

Correlation table:

BSL 62.1
PIK: 18.2
SIZ: 5.6
CCY: 52.9
NPM: 24.8
ECZ: 61.8
DEA: 35.7
ICA: 48.1
FPT: 50.1

DDY: 62.6 but correlation is = 0.80 so not higer than 0.80
Can you check please?


It is because of DDY , 0.80 is enough to exclude.
On the right panel you can read :" darwin that overrides BSL : DDY "

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But the rules states:

"How to participate

All DARWINs are automatically entered into DarwinIA.

Nevertheless, there are some excluding factors:

Monthly Divergence. Those DARWINs with a monthly divergence equal to or less than -0.5% are excluded unless their AuM is under 2000 $.
Correlation between DARWINs from the same provider. If the same trader has two DARWINs with a correlation above 0.5, only the DARWIN will the higher D-Score will participate.
Correlation between DARWINs from different providers. If two different traders have DARWINs with a correlation above 0.8, only the DARWIN will the higher D-Score will participate."

Just to be precise… but with all this darwins around and with this unfair correlation even a small help to be in should be used :slight_smile:

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I agree that correlation is unfair and would need a longer lookback but this is an old discussion.
MANY algos are too shortsighted.


BTW DDY is flat since 2 weeks so I think the correlation will reduce by the end of the month.
Your real competitor is DZQ with a DScore of 70 :wink:
You are clearly following eurusd…

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Very right
some more pairs
Greater strength in the eurusd pair, until yesterday, secure positions and I obtained my performance with partial closures.
Now only a small part

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I hate the translator

D-score limited by the RS note.
already in the process of stabilization.
raising the note RS little by little
The forecast for the ·CP note is that it increases, by removing Eurusd operations

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I wonder where the d-score will be if the RS score reaches more than 8.

By the way here the real problem is correlation, both BSL and DZQ would deseve to be prized, 3m charts are diferent but correlation looks only to 1m .


I still can not upload images.

they really are not so correlated.
specific moments

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True but no true! Swap is a big weight if you follow EurUsd and stop there… (5-10% I calculated since march) also if you look better I made a far better return (swap included). Anyway, it’s just this period that from my point of view had to be traded in this way.
I will look into DZQ… :sweat_smile:

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It’s happening what we discussed here… with more darwins correlation in 1 month is just a randomness to happen.


We can get something good.
Darwinex must consider making another contest on the sidelines. with non-notional prize. real investment
another darwinia for serious managers.
requirement to classify, performance measured in six months, correlation six months.
if they hurry me down to three months


Can you answer me why is my Darwin PNB excluded from DarwiniA when my D-Score is higher than NYP or HTY?




Your PNB is excluded by RGX with DScore 56

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yes, I see that.

But if RGX is not here it will be still excluded?

RGX is the second in correlation list with a value of 0.81.
Every value higher 0.8 will exclude your Darwin if their D-Score is higher than yours.

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aha, I am excluded and that is way HTY is before me. If correlation to RGX falls bellow 0,8, than my Darwin will exclude HTY. Is that true?

You got it as far as I saw the correlation record