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Darwins performing less well this year - any thoughts on why?

Hi all,

I’m revisiting Darwinex with a view to investing in some Darwins and on looking through track records of individual Darwins I’m noticing a distinct pattern of poorer performance from July 18 onward and particularly 2019…with many that were consistently profitable over preceding years showing negative for this YTD, could I ask the community for their thoughts on why this might be? Thanks!

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what do you see?

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I see invalid symbol in the left upper corner.

Please name the ‚many‘

I see a weekly chart for the Dollar Currency Index and since July 18 its risen slowly. I’m not making the connection I think you are hoping I will make though…could you help me out?! Thanks!

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Hi, yes certainly.


The reason I noticed this pattern is that they are all from a list of 12 Darwins that a poster on another forum had shortlisted in July 2018.

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It is quite clear that is dollar index.
It could be also eurusd, even more clear plotting ATR.
Almost every strategy requires volatility to work, without volatility there is too much noise and fake signals.


thanks, I understand now :slight_smile:

thanks, for the info, I understand now :slight_smile: