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Demo Account

Hi!I have a demo account from some months now and i was wondering in case i open a real one my demo stats get lost or i could integrate it in the real account?Thanks

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Hi @Haukas ,

Thanks a lot for your enquiry! Demo track records cannot be imported into live accounts, sorry, only live track records can be imported.

I hope this helps, please do let us know should you need further assistance!

Also, you can always reach out to for speedier responses.

Have a great weekend :slight_smile:


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For obvious reasons :sweat_smile:


You genius i know that is a difference between demo and real …but as the demo was from darwinex …and was not a scalping account…

Was answering ironically to @ignacio that it isn’t a technical limitation, meanwhile it is obviously an ethical one.

If you bother mentioning which broker or account type, I suppose you didn’t get my point about ethics.


It is not a matter of Darwinex or not, a demo account has no value, we are speaking about trackrecord farming.

Everyone could start 200 demos for free, with live accounts the farm could be cheap but at least not free…