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Demo0. KeepDreaming

This demo gonna be like a stress-test to some of my manage criteria in a simple way. And try to prove the point that, with a conservative start and managing the risk, it’s hard to make a mess.

I want to keep my lost aversion under control.
I don’t expect profits (random Darwins, but who knows…), only don’t make a mess.

Selection criteria are not allowed.
The management must be for a B&H portfolio, trading approach is not allowed.

10K; Leverage x2; 10 Darwins

Filter “NEW” + Exp<2 + TR<3 months (future performance random) + zero info available form provider (as maximum only posted at description) + 0 investors
*Only 1 Darwin by provider allowed
The first 10 with this criteria:

Look “inside” the Darwin is not allowed during all the test.
If a Darwin is closed or abanoned (1 month without activity) I will sell it and select a new one (if the closed p/l is <0 it will be “transfered” to the new one).

The test is failed if, at any moment:
EQ <8K (-20% loss); but is expected significantly less due a conservative management aproach
Any Darwin has: closed p/l + open p/l <-200 (-2000/10)
*Flash-carsh events tolerated, that’s a mistake due a poor selection criteria,(not allowed in this test).

My main idea in order to success:
Large SL (like a firewall, around -25% DD). Small enries on DD’s averaging down using pending orders (oviosuly with potential lost predefined). Upscale on futures DD if the Darwin makes news highs and I’m able to rise the SL. Not risking all the -200 at the first try, in order to, if the Darwin touch the SL, have the chance to have a second try (only if the Darwin deserves it and seems it’s solving the problem). If the Darwin is making profits, at highs sell and buy again in order to leverage them and upscale on futures DD.

The test will end when:
All the Darwins reach their SL. The results will be evaluated.
If selling (at any time after 6 months) all the active Darwins in the quote of their SL it would generate profits to the portfolio (the test is valid).
*I won’t be managing the test forever, if the fact that I reached the target is obvious, I’ll end the test.

The demo starts this weekend.


Such a full-scale experiment :sweat_smile: !

Wish you the best !