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Discussion about Darwin HFD


HFD is doing really well, although I think it still has little experience, it is attracting many investors don`t you think you should wait for a DD to measure how much can fall?



Manual trader. I suspect they can potentially yield higher returns. But it needs strong discipline. Likely a higher maxDD will happen. 1 digit DD is borderline unrealistic. Now that doesn’t mean you should wait for turbulence to join, you might regret not building a cushion of profits. If unsure about the right choice, you can take a bland decision by fractionning your investment at a defined frequency. You will start under-exposed in case an accident occurs, but will also miss benefiting from a lower risk if everything starts out well. The best tactic is never known unless the futur became past the present :slight_smile:


Out with it man! You’ve been very busy of late and now know you are building a time machine😁…btw I’ve heard some remote viewers play the markets successfully. Didn’t Gann fiddle with astrology for timing?

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Maybe there were some mystical experiences performed around trading :wink: Sometimes you can find indicators based on lunar cycles…
Actually, I’ve heard that some hedge fund managers do consult astrologists !

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As an illustration of this talk, here you go (from 5:42 forward)

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Interesting series…thanks​:+1:. Now where is my laughing Buddha. Must rub that fatso’s tummy. It is a proven science to attract money you know.:grin:

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Also I think that HFD uses some kind of martingale. His Rs is just 6 (a bit low). It is good that the trader has > $10.000 but even in that case, it may be that he’s a bit risky guy. May be I’m wrong but…

The attributes are very nice though. The native trackrecord is about 14 months, we’ll see what happens in some more months/one more year. It is tempting as a darwin but still the DD is very small to know how will the trader react in a tough one…


On the last six months there is no martingale, and martigales never have high Loss Aversion score.

BTW it seems a bit too good to be true.
This is the reason why now I require TWO YEARS of native trackrecord.


This is one year of native trackrecod on DLF, and we know what comes next…
So one year is not enough, especially when it shows 40% return and 10% DD.

In my opinion there is no bad trading on HFD but what we see now is very above average and there is also an evident tailored inception.


Ok, so in your opinion it isn’t bad trading, that´s very important, thanks for the tip. Then we’ll just need to watch it evolve some time.

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HFD’s var is beginning to slip. (down to 6 now) just as FOMO investors pile in at top.
last time this happened feb/april a correction occured, but the investors added that time. (good for them $)

this comment is more about var than HFD in particular.

Good afternoon, dear investors.

My name is Konstantin. I manage Darwin HFD. Thank you all for your trust.

I’m going on vacation from September 8 for 2 weeks. Trading activity will be minimal, or will not be at all. I know that many would like to see a post from me, but it is difficult for me to write it correctly because of the language barrier. I will try to write about myself and strategy on the forum after the vacation.

I apologize for this week, this is my mistake. Trading will continue as usual after my vacation.



Man,you deserve a vacation 100%. Fabulous work last two years.Keep an eye on your Capacity and Divergence,please.