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Discussion on the current price of gold

I think this Darwin is short on Gold…:thinking:

What kind of trader could be short on Gold this week? A contrarian one probably… :man_shrugging:

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Don’t you think he opened a new position short on Gold? :thinking:

Because the price of gold is currently going back on the top of the day and in the same time his Drawdown is bigger… :face_with_monocle:

I mean, is he opened new position while is currently losing the already opened ones?

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Sorry but did i read well? Do you call “a trader” someone who is short on Gold this week? Sure you’re jocking, right?:joy::joy::joy:

We must be honest, we can not call “a trader” someone who is short on the Gold market against this very strong trend :fearful:

Who would be crazy enough to be in the market against this amazing strong move on the Gold these last days?

Real Traders would exit or reverse their positions fore sure, but would never be against this trend…:man_shrugging:

That’s my opinion!

Have a great Week-end!

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Mine is an unbiased opinion. I wouldn’t invest in HFD because it doesn’t match my risk tolerance. This is something I always thought, not just now that he is going through a bad period.
Regarding his trading decisions, he’s been profitable for years, I think he deserves a bit more respect than being scolded for a trade that does not match with your view of the market.
I respect your opinion, this is mine.


I think that the best respect to have is to say the truth.

To be short on the Gold spot when the price is at a 7 years High make me think that he is probably not a long term profitable trader…

My grand mother wouldn’t be short at a 7 years high!

And to be clear, i think it could be a basic EA who trade. A very low level one.

If it’s not an EA, let’s wait he explains us how it’s possible to be short at a 7 years high price… Ok? Thanks :wink:


I am happy to know that someone here know what to do! Congratulations for being filthy rich being long on Gold!


I bought Gold at $1586 and i’ve pyramided at $1587

Thank you, my mental structure knows how to recognise a so strong trend.

Unfortunately for you, i’m not on Darwinex anymore.

Because Darwinex didn’t understood how to discover real traders.

Since january 9th, that’s changed :

It seems that Darwinex just understood that the real traders to discover ARE the Risk Managers and they know better than anybody how to manage the volatility.

When the volatility is growing, only the real traders aren’t dying…

I will probably back soon to show you what is a real trader.

A real trader would never short at a 7 years high. N.E.V.E.R.

Have a nice week-end anyway.

Honestly after reading all your post, I don’t know what to say.
Just enjoy your millions, I’ll N.E.V.E.R be a real trader like you.
Have a nice weekend you to…anyway

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Do I understand it right that people think it is great idea to buy at 7 years high?

  1. A Super Trader would have a residual long position at a 7 years high. Because he would enter before.

  2. A Normal Trader would be out of the market as he can’t enter long at a 7 years high.

  3. A Newbie Trader would short at a 7 years high.

  4. A Gambler Trader would short several times at a 7 years high.

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From the book “My Trading Bible” by Mark Andrew Ritchie (featured in Jack Schwager’s “New Market Wizards”):

"In all my years on the floor, I never heard a trader brag about a trade, never heard a trader brag about the day he had, the month he had, or any other measure of trading success. Not once. If you find that hard to believe, you share my stereotype about the wealthy. But I am going to guess, and it is purely a speculation on my part, that this mysterious trait is at the heart of being a successful trader."

The size of your ego is inversely related to your potential to succeed as a trader. The ego is the enemy of the trader… take your mind off what you are doing for a moment of self-aggrandizement and you will not be happy with the result.”

N.O.T. O.N.C.E. :grimacing:

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That’s only because he didn’t meet me yet :man_shrugging:

By the way, “floor trading”, that’s so Jurassic :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Wtf are we back in the 80’ ??:joy::joy::joy:

I can prove the exact opposite.

What was right yesterday doesn’t mean that will be right tomorrow…dear DominionCuentas :wink:

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Do you know the margin zones on gold?

That idea was hyped last year, there is Software sold for that and I still doubt that it can work on a pair.

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I don’t use that.

I don’t even use any technical indicator, so i don’t really know, sorry.

I only use my brain… and the common sense :man_shrugging:

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Omg, some of you have big mouths. First, this is not a place to criticize a trading style…go to any social trading forum to have some entertained time if you have time to waste. Second, respect every trading style and focus on yours. Third, if after all you are a “smart ass” at least have the decency to prove you are a better trader than someone who has profited 173% in two and a half years. But you are not, the best traders never have a big mouth about themselves.

Leave the man alone, he is doing amazingly without you. And if he falls with the same strategy he got several millions, then it will still his business, not yours.


A trading style? :joy::joy::joy:

To short and short and short more, one of the strongest move on Gold ever?

That move was so big that they even speak about it on TV (that we all know they are always the last
warned :joy::joy::joy:)

I mean, nobody on Earth was against that move, that’s why it was so strong :man_shrugging:

Are you sure you want to defend this position?

Are you loosing money?

Why so angry?

We are all very cool and flexible.

It’s only you who come and put your bad mood here.

You want us to not speak?


You want us to think like you?

Are you against democracy?


You don’t like to debate? :thinking:

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I think nobody here want to read your comments, because are very unrespectful, ignorant and biased.

Please, stop that, this is not your place.


Maybe we don’t want to read yours. Please, stop that, this is not your place. Go home.

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Me, i think it is.

My comments are totally respectful.

I speak about facts.

And to be honest, if it is your only argument, it’s you who must change place.

Once again, thanks to make the difference between speaking about facts and to be unrespectful :wink:

Even if i speak about it by using humour…

So, in your next post can you explain us what is the name of a trading style that is selling a 7 years high? :hugs: