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Discussion on the current price of gold

I have to say that I was buying this strategy based on the ideology of trend following. Shorting gold in the one of the biggest pushes top on gold for years is really not what I signed for. Not to mention doubling down on it with double D-leverage.


“I believe the very best money is made at the market turns. Everyone says you get killed trying to pick tops and bottoms and you make all your money by playing the trend in the middle. Well for twelve years I have been missing the meat in the middle but I have made a lot of money at tops and bottoms.”
Paul Tudor Jones


Is not Paul Tudor Jones who wants.

You don‘t know the margin zones on gold, I also don’t know them. Trading margin zones looks more countertrend than Trend following.

If I see your 4 closed Darwins, you closed them in similar situations as we see on HFD this weekend.

It’s a fact that this trader made nearly 100.000 times more on investor fees than you did. And it’s a fact that this number only grows if it changes.

If you learned and think your are competitive, I would appreciate to see your 5th Darwin.


My 4 Darwins have been managed when the rules was totally different than they are today.

It was at the beginning of Darwinex.

I remember, they were changing the rules every 6 months, more or less.

I’ve decided to stop with them because of many reasons but specially one :

They don’t trust the Real Trader that they are supposed to discover (by Real Trader, i mean a better Risk Manager than themselve.)

So, the main problem in this Concept is that they are supposed to discover someone who is better than them in the management of the Risk while not letting him manage the money directly.

It’s an insolvent problem for them (beacuse they think inside the box, like all the Quants).

One of the solution could be to let the Trader manage the money but to stop the Darwin after -10% loss monthly.

About my Darwin here they are :

CTA : stopped at +6.95%
XRT : stopped at +7.23%
KIT : stopped at +3.56%
EON : stopped at -3.64%

Total : +14.10% (with a max.drawdown around 10%)

They often change the rules of the VaR.

They just changed 2 weeks ago again. That’s why i’m back because they now understand that the Real Traders they need are better than their own Risk Manager.

I will open a Darwin soon with my associate.

But me i will never speak Darwin anymore.

Because, i can not speak about something i can not totally manage.

My associate will.

Accepted - besides you spoke a lot about HFD :wink:

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He was short on Gold anyway :man_shrugging:

The good point is that now this community is alive :+1:

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It seems that to depend on luck isn’t enough on financial markets…

@Tomcat is he still short on Gold? Did you say he wasn’t anymore?

I can be wrong but to me, it took the $15 gap as we could infer on this pic : .

My explanation is more simple:

The “trader” was “On Tilt”.

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Btw., since Wednesday I’m short on Gold, too and my trade is doing well. And now ?

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Gold: 1570.80
I feel so stupid…

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The Greatest Teacher. Failure is. -Yoda