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DKM by portola - investors discussion


Welcome to my thread about DKM.
The purpose of this thread is to be in contact with investors who wants to meet who is behind.

In the following post, I’ll explain how I started, what are my current developments and obviously what are the results obtained by DKM.

See you soon,




I started the algorithmic trading some years ago after attending a very interesting training. The passion showed by the teacher convinced me that I have to explore this area.

My background is Computer Science and I love to create and build Lego MindStorms robots, so it was easy for me to get into this field.

The strategy behind DKM is a mix of different trading techniques (breakouts, range trading, trend follower and scalping). No martingale or grids.

Like the trapeze artists, I operate with several safety nets. To have a safety trading system I control:

  • the max loss in every trade
  • the average loss
  • the worst losing streak in a row and finally
  • the max drawdown.

I’m a fully believer that a walk forward optimization is the only way to have predictable results in the future. I’ve developed my own optimization process who gives me a very useful information:

  • what are the variables to optimize?
  • what are the range of the parameters?
  • how often I must reoptimize my EAs

I have to say that I trade not only with Darwinex, but all my EAs runs also with other brokers. My objective is to develop strategies that runs equally across different brokers. To do this, I’ve opened a demo account in 10 different brokers and a live account in 5 of these brokers. One of them is obviously Darwinex and I’ve to say that is clearly the best of all: good execution, excellent customer support, low commissions, Darwinia prizes and the possibility to sell legally the strategy.

Then, I control the difference between live and demo trades. If the trades are very different, something is going wrong and I must study why and how to solve it. To do this, every weekend I download all the trades (from 10 demo accounts and 5 live accounts) and I compare one by one. This is a hard work, but it gives me a very valuable information. In fact, from December 2018 to March 2019 I realized that some EAs doesn’t worked well. There was a lot of inconsistencies. After a hard work of debugging during Q2 and Q3 of 2019 I redefined all my trading systems.
In the next picture, you can see a clear change in the strategy. Since October 2019, I have less trades but much more accurate:

The result of all this work is that since October 2019 my system produces stable results with good returns (26% growth) with a 6% drawdown and a VaR of 5%:

Moreover, I have won Darwinia awards in May, June, July and August. Four months in a row!

Now it’s time for you, valuable investor, to trust in me, in my work and invest in my strategy.

Best regards,

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If you want to see the Darwin’s data and attributes, please copy this original link into your browser‘s address field or use it here:“

Keep on, you are doing a honest forward testing and you trust your strategies. :+1:
Unfortunatelly new DScore penalizes past DD .

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Quite a journey of recovery for the last 2 years! Did you have to modify the original strategy to achieve such recovery?


Thanks for your question achinerarias.
The strategy did not vary (a mix of different trading techniques) but it was a hard work to analyse the results. It was not at all what I expected. Several EAs did not trade the same in demo as in live and even the backtest was very different. For example after the Q1-2019 I compared the results obtained in demo, in live and I backtested with tick data and they did not match. In backtest I get positive results, while in live I lost. This is not at all reliable.
So I had to modify some EAs, and others directly throw to the waste basket. The result of all these changes is what you see in the first picture, since October-2019 I have much less trades, but much more profitable, and more important, very predictable, since the demo, live and backtest results are almost identical in the 5 brokers I work with.


The last year certainly shows excellent results. Congratulations!

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Yes! And more important (at least for me), the results are very similar across all the 5 brokers:

As you can see, Darwinex gives me the best results.

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