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[DUPLICATE] I'm getting "Resource timeout.. please try again." notification


I have just installed required server and client.

trades = 10
for _ in range(trades):

the strage thing is, only second half of my orders are executed. If i set 20 to trades variable, MT4 opens 10 orders. If I set 2, only one order will be opened. This may help you to find the problem and possible solution.

I have not changed any default parameters. I have updated EA properties and changed Maximum orders to 10 and maximum lot size to 10.

I have one more question

Can I ask how can i reach return values of following line? “tt” is None type and doesn’t return anything. It just prints results to console.


EDIT: I can not reply as you have closed the post

The link you have provided does not solve my first problem. Can you please kindly read my question one more time? I can already send orders. Half of my orders are not executed. And I’m using the same parameters in the video.

Thank you

Hi @Atilla,

Answers to this query and more are addressed in the following video:

For any further queries, please open a GitHub Issue via the following link (if a closed issue hasn’t already addressed your query):