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DWX-ZeroMQ-Connector: How to pass indicator data from MetaTrader to Python?

I just get the code of zmq on mt4 and python running , and thank you so much for solving the problem of bridging of mql and python. When I get down to do my detailed work I found zmq can only pump price data not indicators to python, is that right? It is the python’s code to calculate that? That’s should be fine since has the lib to do that.
Again I appreciate your work and thank you ahead to give me any clue.

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I am not an expert about zeromq but in this case python is the brain and mt4 is th arm.
The bridge gets the prices and sends the orders to mt4.
I was using Zorro and in that case everything is calculated by Zorro.
Once you get the raw price data everythig is calculated by the brain: python… R… Zorro… C#…

Hi @zzhulm,

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Thank you for your kind comments and feedback - great to hear the project helped you solve that problem.

You will need to add code to the MQL Server EA to implement any additional functions (e.g. returning indicator values).

You will then need to implement functionality in your Python client script to request this from MQL.

If you’re a programmer, reading the code should help you figure this out fairly easily :+1:

MQL Server EA:

Python client:

For any further queries I recommend you join the #dwx-zeromq-connector channel in the Darwinex Collective Slack Workspace :bulb:

Invite link:

The MQL EA code has an OnTick() function. This is where you should be looking to customize your code.

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