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DXF - MY CHALLENGE -gerson3366

Hola a todos,
I will use Google translator, sorry for my little English

Hace un tiempo lance mi darwin, en el momento va en negativo Muy Muy negativo. DD que supera el 60% en subyacente y 40% en el darwin. Lo iba dejar, pero me puesto como reto volverla positiva y constante.

Debo aclarar que me puse a probar muchas estrategias en ella, finalmente termine con la de siempre. Asi que bueno ire actualizando cada semana y leyendo sugerencias. Perdon, no manejo el ingles pero puedo usar el traductor.



Yes, you should go with translator. :wink:

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Mi reto aqui es, subir mi cuenta al positivo, ya tengo el valor de exp que necesito, esta al rededor de 8.1,

Por ahi lei que una cuenta con DD mayor al 50% era irrecuperable, mi Reto es establecer una cuenta positiva.

Dear @gerson3366,

Please note this is an English channel, we’d appreciate if you could write in English for everyone’s benefit.

Thank you!


Dear @gerson3366,

Just my humble piece of advice, follow only your system, is no good at all you try and try other strategies as all have limitations. Your work should be define those limitations and try to minimize them. Saying this, you don´t need to put more and more indicators in order to filter the bad trades - they will always exist. Keep up head straight and follow your goals.

Happy Trading,


I will try to write in English using the translator.

Thanks onikamicapital, I want to see what happens from now on, I hope my idea goes well.


No, it’s not impossible, but it’s very difficult. Just remember that to recover your initial investment you need at least a 100%. So, do not blame yourself if you don’t achieve it but be very conscious of the difficulty. And before you start doing that, please carefully analyze why you lost 50% and how to mend that . Good luck anyway…and hard work too :wink:

Hello friend, thank you, I think it’s clear because I lost it, I opened many positions just to add EX, when I saw I had lost a lot in the account, so I reacted and took everything calmly.

I’ll go step by step, my strategy is very simple, so it’s very easy for me to do it

That’s funny because a tool to detect an incompetent money manager is to notice guys telling : it is harder to recover from 50% DD because you need 100% UP.

50%DD and 100% UP is excatly the same thing.

That is because of exponential effect during proportional mangement (take more lots when you got more equity).

Then loosing 50% is exactly the same than winning 100%.

For those who are still skeptical, winning 2% 35 times in a row is 1.02 power 35 which gives 2 and losing 2% 35 times in a row that gives 0.98 power 35 which gives 1/2.

That’s right, the accounts are fine, with patience I hope to reach 0% return in a couple of years maybe 3.

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Do you think it is better to continue with Darwin or start a new one again?

Purely for your own interests, I think it is better to start a new Darwin - though ethics of it are debatable.

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Really It is a topic that deserves their own debate (perhaps @CavaliereVerde could help me to move this post to another topic where It has been debates or to another new one :wink:)

I would like that someday nobody had to think in asking that question.

Darwinex has made some good actions to minimize these behaviours, as holding acessible the darwins closed. But in my opinion is not enough.

When traders close a darwin to open another, their reliability start to decrease.

It is worse when the provider had investment, and after a drawdown decides to close the Darwin and open another, but the worst is when decides to close with investors inside yet. Here It is not only the reliability of the trader, also suffers the reliability of DARWINEX perjudicing the hole community.

There are several reasons to decide to close and reopen:

  1. Mith of drawdown chart to attract investors: Then they need to close because “there will not be investors to this chart”

  2. Drawdown of dscore: the DD does to go down the performance IA (Pf), consequently the dscore. It makes more difficult to get prizes from DARWINIA

  3. HIGH WATER MARK INVESTORS: If the Darwin got performance fees, and after appears the DD… they will have to work free until new HWM. But not only this, often the DD comes with a fall down of investors that probably they will not come back until new high appears, then really they have to work more time free than the time to new HWM strictly. I see the close and reopen, from this point of view, as a “small fraud” to the investors.

  4. HIGH WATER MARK DARWINIA: Something similar to (3) happens with Darwinia, even because Darwinia also used to invest in highs, and the fees comes the new highs after the highs… Not being inusual that comes DD with maximum investment, falling down hard the HWM if they are not able to recover DD in the investment period. In this case, the “small fraud” would be with Darwinex.

Considering last, I see that the cost of close and reopen is very “cheap”, against the benefits to re-start and wait 12 dperiod, even better in some cases work in parallel both darwins.

I am not thinking in giving back fees, I miss more actions from Darwinex to motívate traders to create longer trackrecords above 12 dperiod.

I see important to take actions to try to finish the period of traders and investors of “searching for the Holy Grail”, and overcome to Next step.

I think that these actions could help all types of investors:

  1. Those who are looking for reliable traders to invest darwins “buy and hold”: more market of long trackrecord helps to forget short Holy Grail, and filter investable darwins in the long term

  2. Those who want to trade darwins: more data is important, even in those darwins that could seem worse but perhaps have more inefficiencies than other to explote.


Finally I will stay with him and it will be my challenge. I hope in about 2 years to be fighting the positions of Darwinia. It is probable that it does not have investors, in this case I will continue investing in my darwin, I hope to monetize.


September 7 after a year of testing my strategy in real (do not use the demonstration to make more realistic tests), that day will decide applying my strategy as I had practiced all year, I have the report in my profile, I hope to continue adding, little by little.

I’m not sure how the VAR works, but I have to regulate my darwin has stopped working 5 times in the hours that I was doing before September, however, my VAR has only dropped 2% since then.

At the time I was marked with a good run by darwinex. At the moment we are progressing

since 2020, I’m back in business with 200usd that income. I hope to get this old darwin out of the way.

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important restoration in metrics, RS, RA and LA are already in green, in just one month.