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DZQ - RafwinSistemas

Hi all.
I present another one of my darwins

To know more publications look for my user @RafwinSistemas

The presentation of this darwin has to be different, if I want to be 100% honest with the investors.
Transparency is the motto.

The good, the ugly and the evolution

The good

  • Qualified a high “D-score”
  • Assigned by Darwinex the filters of good grades, return> 50% and under the radar.
  • Several monthly assignments of darwinia.

here is very good.

Honesty and transparency That’s @RafwinSistemas

The ugly

Darwin had some bad stages.
Then we see them in evolution, here a sample.

Evolution, the best

If I like something from the Darwinex environment, it is the evolution and adatation for survival.

DZQ evolves, and you can see it in its different phases or stages.
Phase 1.
Strategy without taking into account the Darwinex environment.
Phase 2.
Changes in the strategy, adapting the strategy to work for the darwin.
The same risk management is maintained as in phase 1.
Phase 3
I maintain current strategy, It is working 100% for the darwin. Deep change in risk management.
Frame the phases in the graphics.

I am very happy to be able to evolve in this way.

Honesty exercise.

As an investor you have to take into account that the last stage was carried out in January 2019.
Maybe you have to consider as a young man this darwin.
Without forgetting the capacity that has had to adapt.

As always, the last decision is only from you. :guiño:

Any questions, as always happy to answer.
Thank you


This is your weapon of mass destruction for Darwinia !


Thanks for your words.
Very satisfied with the changes incorporated.
“D-score” can still rise more, thanks to stabilize risk, RS note increasing.

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Focused already on the next one and make profitable those that I already have

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I continue with this weapon of siege to Darwinia.
Each time a more stable darwin.

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Fourth consecutive month classifying in Darwinia
This month is harvest collection month


As the saying goes : "You reap what you sow" :slight_smile: .

Congratulations !


Hi @RafwinSistemas I noticed a strong correlation between DZQ and ECW or ECZ by ENSCAP , any explainations?


By my side none, I have not looked at those darwins.
Now that you mention it, look at it.
ECW does not appear to me and ECZ does have a strong correlation.
the only thing I can say is that I am long in eurusd and in pairs of GBP.
more weight in the eurusd since the entries are in positive and protected.
If you have detected something please report it.
I would appreciate it very much.

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Correlation got recalculated but, as @CavaliereVerde pointed it out, globally, quite all ECx DARWINs, appeared strongly correlated, last days.

Commenting, just to explain @CavaliereVerde original comment.

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I don’t care about days, there is a strong similarity looking to 3m chart.

Nothing tricky, I was thinking maybe he knows the other trader and they are trading with a similar strategy.

Obviously the correlation is global / historic, I’m just explaining / answering to this specific statement :

I do not know, I have never seen in any group

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It would be nice to meet him and ask him