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"Early warning" Portfolio and much more by RafwinSystems

Week 4 and 5 summary

No purchase of darwins

These are the results


Summary and new entries

A couple of notes before starting.
the ridding of publication will come down.
Depends on whether that week incorporated any entry.
the project is long-term and the portfolio is being built little by little.
Not every week there are entries or changes in those that are already inside.

The results if they were published once a month.

Summary and new entries

New entries in darwins that are already in portfolio

DD continuation entries
KVL in 152
RDD in 137
EZN in 135

Bullish Entries
DZQ in 157

New darwins

BOT in 145
GQC in 130


What do you think about RDD ?
Trading journal is not so stable and consistent and we have no additional info about the trader.

Forgiveness for slow to respond.
A complicated week in my life. I needed some space.
Also start-up of a new strategy. final face and start-up.
The reason, strategy of TZT is not all the optimal of a great job.

to your question.

wise words, RDD something different, not so consistent.
my measure to take. an adjustment of your SL. around 12%

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I put a notice on the Darwin TZT

Good morning everyone.
Without changes. Waiting for the portfolio and the darwins to evolve

I have problems to upload image, when it is solved I upload them

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