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End of Divergence?

Such a project !


I admit that it becomes frustrating to be left apart by the default language used …since it can be guessed that the amount of Darwinex information through communication is nowadays of quality !

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Hi @EvidenceAlpha,

Please note that we are posting high quality Youtube content in English on a weekly basis.

I encourage you to visit our Youtube channel!


Hi @Ignacio, I gave it a look and I must say the topics covered in spanish interest me a lot more ! :wink: (because they are “openers”)
anyway, talk of the past, given this new effort

Thank you !


Exact, frequent videos in English are mainly about API and python cause @integracore2 is English. :smile_cat:
They have a specific target while Spanish podcasts are about the evolution of Darwinex .

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Not to go off topic… I’m actually British, not just English… hehe

But I do wish I was born Scottish… because I absolutely adore the Scot accent, and can do a very good (modestly put) Scottish accent when I get the opportunity :joy:


I’m little disappointed with Darwinex youtube channel. 1 year ago it was great. Every topic had English and Spanish version. Now many great videos are ONLY in Spanish without English subtitles.

Clients are asked by Darwinex not to post only Spanish content here. But Darwinex posts only Spanish content on Youtube.

I would like to understand the reason why post good content that 100s of Darwinex clients can’t watch. Would it be too hard to get someone to translate it and create English subtitles before video is posted on youtube?

I am not algo trader. Most English videos posted last few months are therefore not for me. Few videos that I could get some useful information about Darwinex journey are in Spanish. I do not speak Spanish.

Can someone please make a summary in English what was said on that video about divergence?