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English Interviews with Darwinex Co-founders

Question: Why was the announcement of top earners for the month stopped?

Surely not for privacy reasons as the hall of fame is public?

Was a good piece of advert material for the brand IMO.


Do you mean this discussion?
If yes 100% agree.

Not quite… There was an email sent out at the start of the month showing the top earners (see below). Wasn’t sent for June or July…


@Asgardian1 that the payment or the retained performance fee which could be cut significantly by losses in the following months?

Yes the gap created for example on CME contracts on weekends makes it very hard for traders there because… bitmex… I wonder how long it will take for CME to enable 24/7 trading on cryptos.

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Profit paid out to traders.


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Here’s a sneak peek into things - this is a mostly raw, unedited recording with a few sample concepts discussed, to give you an idea of what’s happening behind the scenes.

We’re working on content structure based on community feedback, proper A/V engineering and related items to get this interview series off the ground as soon as we can - so please keep your questions coming!


Please fix the sound (echo is too strong). Ty

edit: or add english subs if possible


English subtitles is a good idea regardless - I will circulate internally :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you!


Will our questions be answered in the AMA of July 18 or there will be another?


Hi @CavaliereVerde,

The AMA session on July 18 is specific to the DARWIN API, though if there is technical overlap between questions and the API those will of course been answered :slightly_smiling_face:

This thread is to collect questions for a video series of interviews and monologues :+1:


I’d like to ask two questions :

1) Are EU stocks planned ?

2) How do you see yourselves, at Darwinex : as a social trading platform or as something else ? What are the future plans : growing and developing the current base or evolving to some specific services and features ? (This is a broad question but my point is to know the roadmap)



@integracore / @integracore2
Any updates about this?
I think we stacked enough interesting questions.
When do you plan to do the interview?


Hi @CavaliereVerde,

Yes, questions and feedback has been really good :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re roadmapping a few things in terms of content, as soon as we have dates we’ll publish them, no worries :+1:


Yesterday, we encountered a serious failure from TT this time

It emphasizes even more that it’s best to rely on several technologies than just one, in case a switch is wished urgently when trust is lost.

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We will provide complete transparency into the details of the event over the next 24-48 hours once the technical teams complete their investigatioz, including plans to ensure this never occurs again.


Is there still hope to have this by the end of 2019 ?

Hi @CavaliereVerde,

We’re working on this indeed, yes :+1:

We started this effort off by shooting video commentaries and tutorials by @juancolonbo and @javicolonbo, that can be watched on YouTube via the following playlists:

[English] Darwinex UnCut:

[Spanish] Tutoriales de Darwinex para traders

The next phase is to organize content specifically geared towards sit-down interviews based on feedback received from the community.

We don’t have an exact commencement date for this yet, but please stay tuned! The wait will be worth it :slight_smile:

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It is quite clear that youtube has the priority on articles in the blog.
There is a ton of interesting videos on the channel.

As you know I like very much the series on brokers by @juancolonbo .
By the way I think existing customers are already aware to be on an honest and quality broker.

The series on trading and risk by @javicolonbo is intersting but is available only in Spanish.

I guess almost 50% of customers are Spanish but ther is also the other 50% .

This series will be available in English soon too, we’re just organizing that effort - stay tuned :slight_smile: