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Evolution of the Performance of the Darwinex Trader Community


That’s a LOT of transparency here. Thank you Darwinex for sharing this level of honesty


You guys requested more content in English and I promised we’d work on it.

We won’t let you guys down!


It is very much appreciated.
Thank you for the honesty.


The only thing I’m missing is a hint to the figures in $ because Darwinex was and is growing.

I assume that there is also working a typical kind of Darwinism :blush: of the clients in the investment branch, especially with brokers: loosers are leaving and winners will stay.


Although I can not give you any $ amount on Darwinex.
I do want to welcome you to the community.
Hope all is well.

ignacio can tell you more about your question.

Kind regards,


Thank you.

I don’t need or want to know exact figures or numbers. I’m more interested in whether there could be seen a learning curve in the traders’ behaviour or whether it is a stable amount per year and percentage is down mainly because of the growth.

I also wonder what kind of special situation was in January 2015 :slight_smile: because I don’t know.

That’s what I’d like to read, it is not what must or should be published.

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Hi, on january 15 2015 the SNB removed the swiss franc cap in a surprise move creating enormous volatility.


Hey @IlIlIlIlI,

Welcome to the community, it is great to see new faces!

We are indeed experiencing an improvement in our traders’ performance, regardless of the absolute figures.

Re January 2015, there was a flash-crash affecting the CHF (further info is available here:

I hope this helps, I look fwd to seeing you around more often :slight_smile:


Why not to go to another level of transparency and openness…

  • Evolution of the performance of investors
  • Evolution of the performance of the broker ( DWEX @darwinexlabs … )



Thanks for the suggestion, @CavaliereVerde.

We’ll share further info in due time further down the line!



Based on the context, I would question the fact that traders really became more performant because that improvement goes along the decrease of volatility to much extent. Off, most traders lose from poorly managed trends.

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it would also be great to show the net performance for an investor, ideally 3 lines and values for max., min., and average including (or a flag to include)

  • divergence
  • investor fees (retained and paid)
    in the typical different time frames.
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