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Experience Investable Attribute

Unhappy with my D-score, which I blame on that Ex or soon to be XX, I read a big part of this thread. Everything, and a bit more, has been said, But nonetheless, I want to complain. Darwinex looks for traders on all channels, what brought me here in the first place, but there is nowhere a disclaimer, that it might take a year, till my performance is fully reflected and honored by the system.
An investment of a year isn´t peanuts. I find it problematic, that, you, as a trader, know everywhere else, which criteria you have to meet, to be regarded as “investable”.
But not on Darwinex, where you are subject to a kind of black box.
It simply doesn´t fit into the Darwinex image of “fair” and “transparent”, which is in most other parts, so beautifully painted.
Bottomline: There is room for improvement.

In trading everything less than one year can be luck and noise.

On Zulu to be copied you need at least 12 weeks, here you can be invested even with one month of trackrecord and EX=0.5
Also their Zulurank depends on the leght of the trackrecord.

On eToro you can be copied at once but there are heavy limitations on number of copiers and aum.
You have to pass different “levels”, to be a “green star” you need ~1y of trackrecord and also 20k in your trading account.

Here you can be invested with one million even just after the creation of your darwin.
This guy has some rich friends…


If you are talking about private capital investment, you don´t need one year experience, anyone can invest on a darwin regardless its experience or track record.
If you refer about Darwinia, yes and not. There is not a minimum of experience to compete, however if you don´t have a good grade in Experience and at least 50 on D-Score, your chances to get in the top 48 are close to zero.
I have been pointing this for months, because I think it is unfair and frustrating for many young traders but it is what it is…you can take it or leave it…patience is my advice.
Darwinex is not perfect, don´t be fooled about it, but most likely it is the best broker for traders overall. Good luck!


Thank you fror your feedback @ReverbingWave

Technically speaking, no :slight_smile:
You are fully investable after reaching 1 month and 0.5 D-Periods, as @CavaliereVerde said.

I understand what you mean however.

But as you know Ex is not attributing any “good” or “bad” to your strategy, it is a neutral “argument” that allow investors to know wich degree of significance the track record has achieved as from now, according to how our algorithms define “significance” and according to -even from a human perspective- common sense, in some way.

1 year of track record is a cheap investment for a trader who want to live off of his passion in my humble opinion :wink:

Time flies! (courage!)


How about some people that will still not get the full EX after a year :slight_smile:

I hoped I can at least get my D-Score to >50 by end of the year…Not looking likely currently.

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Even if it’s some months ago, there was a great idea posted here to attract young successful Traders


Thanks Nicolas for your reply and the warmth in your words!
For me, all is said, but the my inner language nerd wanted to add:
Ex is not good or bad, but can be bad. It is throughout this page linked to “penalty” or “penalizing”, which is bad.

Too few trades, immagine a trader that trades only once per month, 12 trades arent a significant sample.
This is one of the reason Darwinex is much better than other sites that just count weeks or months.

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As I understand it:
Ex measures trading decisions. 250 trading decisions give Ex=10. Opening new trades by averaging down or cascading a position is 1 decision, I don’t know whether hedging is 1 or 2.

That is a disadvantage for traders, who follow trends for weeks cascading and averaging down the same position.
But I prefer this disadvantage to the option, that a trader with a bigger account opens 20 or more trades on the same pair and direction simultaneously instead of one trade with a reasonable size, only to manipulate the algorithm to a value of 10 boosting his D-Score with 250 entries on less than 20 trade decisions.

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I understand you… However for me in a normal trading month, I take an average of 60 trades. For a manual trader, 60 trades a month doesn’t look like too few… Maybe the reason why the EX doesn’t move much is because the duration consistency isn’t high?

I have since decided to be patient and not allow the EX affect me but I am also open to any constructive ways to speed it up. Would be nice to be competing in Darwinia from next year :slight_smile:

According to the numbers you made 370 trades but only 28 trading decisions, this usually means that you are scaling in the same position.
To have a more specific answer you need to ask to Darwinex guys.
What I am sure is that EX has nothing to do with DC.

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Congratulations @Asgardian1 for your results and stats; your have very good scores, almost perfects, in the most important IA’S of the new dscore: La, Pf, Rs, Mc… and I like this good capacity.

I think that your problem is related with this. You can read this post and your problem is related with this and the decision trading representative. When you hold a position a long time, the level to take the representative trading decisión Will be with a exposition higher, and the calculation of the Ex Will forget the lower

To understand the concept, imagine that in 2 minutes you make 28 trades in different pairs, and you hold them during a month. 27 positions Will be of less than 2 minutes, but 1 Will be of 1 month, and that Will be the representative trading decision… at the end 28 trades but only 1 representative trading decision.

It is true, but I don’t think so watching its trading journal.

It is the best in this case, hold the patient and the discipline, because not everything is darwinia and ex, the long trackrecord also is important for the investors increasing the Ex… Your Darwin is the only one with this filter of more than 9 in this IA:

The bad news are that you Will be have to be enough patient to watch 10 of experience in your score, and a dscore that I think that would be higher than 75.

You need 66 TRADING days/dperiod, aprox 3 months/dperiod then for 12 dperiod you would need more than 36 months, more than 3 years (very similar to our own darwins)

It Will be difficult unless you would have a very very good month next year. Your have to realise that at the end of next year you Will have aprox 6 of experience, and the dscore would be between 50-60.

Congratulations for the Darwin, and let’s concentrate on the trading, and try to forget darwinia and dscore… Time flies, and holding these results you Will be where you deserve


You are right and we can notice that the first DPeriod of AZG was closed in ~1 month .
Now the second DPeriod seems to wait forever probably because of trades open since a lot of time that are “hiding” short term activity in the meantime.


I am sorry to correct you @CavaliereVerde , but the first dperiod last 3 months, and the 1 month that you are saying is the 2nd dperiod.

This chart needs to be read from right to left.

The progress, it seems regular because it has 1,3 dperiods it has 4 months

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Yes for “first” I was meaning the oldest. :slight_smile:

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But the oldest is alive yet, it has yet 0,3 dperiod in 1 month as you said.

I am sorry again, but as you can realise why, I have studied a lot this chart :sweat_smile:

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I think the problem is trading activity of April.

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And I think that affects also the “vacation syle” with a lot of exposition, that affects the decision trading representative, that affects others with less risk exposition.

That is the chart that I was saying about no synthoms of scaling

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I think April was an exception not his normal activity, so DPeriod duration will go back to less than 30 days and he will get Ex 10 in less than 2 years.

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But in my opinion is that nobody has to change their trading style to solve some IA problem without check if the performance is not affected.

It is easy to solve something and punish other thing… at the end the performance, long trackrecord and capacity Will be the most important dscore for investors….

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